Open Correspondence

This is an open letter written by one of our Islands Advocates’ to our Director of Public Health

Its a very interesting read and shows that the people can try to fight this tyrannical madness… :beers: :pray:


This must be shared and read by all…


Agreed mate - its refreshing to see our little Island asking these important questions and trying to find some real truths in all this mayhem.

Whether it has any effect overall, we can only hope and pray - but its a small step forward :beers:


Ian Kermode, you absolute legend! :clap::clap::clap:

The first items that he has actually confirmed is enough to make anyone reject this vax.

This needs shared far and wide – cant wait to see the response by the Islands health minister to this one.

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Absolutely mate, I shall await with baited breath for our Health Minister to respond…I’ll post it if she ever does and its publicly released! :+1:

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omfg the stuff about the chimp virus and vegans is hilarious I never thought about that :joy:


I know right!? If it wasn’t such a scary and terrible thing, it’d be actually pretty funny in a sick kinda way!

ikr can you imagine the fucken hysteria that will erupt when all those leftards realise they injected themselves with chimp flu, made on human tissue cultures :rofl:


Nice Find @Cainer

What an interesting read!

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Thanks dude - It defo needs to do the rounds, as nothing in it can be disputed.

I’m just waiting to see if our local press pick it up, I’m guessing they won’t touch it with a shitty stick tbh lol :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

:rofl:this guy is a legend, that was funny.

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Great read!

and this…

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