Open Your Eyes! This is Happening all over the WORLD 2021 #2



Its true, the worlds been ending for nearly 7000 years,
so i believe it, it is written.


Hang on its going to get worse.


Only the free world.

Ah, video about floods in flood season
More doom porn for chicken licken and the recepients of tithes


Do not be fooled people. Satan speaks to you with his lies and alibis directly through the mouth of one who serves him with all stupidity.
Earthquakes are increasing at a rapid pace.
Floods are increasing.
Man is becoming more and more cruel in his nature.
Child is rising against parent and parent against child
The Earth is upheaving
The NWO is almost formed now
We shall see a world leader move into the picture soon.
You are soon going to be told the 3 greatest lies in the history of this world. One has already been told.

You see to me this does not hold fear. It holds a promise and a hope. Some of us will suffer along with the rest but for us things get better at death. For others they will wish they could come back here and do it different, but that is not an option.

Do not fear and worry. Instead live with hope and a promise.

Do not let this very unintelligent servant of Satan misguide you… Look around with your own eyes

Peace until…


The world is ending
Episode ∞
How many more times do you all think, someone will proclaim the end of the world within 3.4 million years?


Prattling about doom tards while being a doom tards.

Quite a menapause you got going there

We do really good as slaves. Heil Harris.

What you yabbering about ?
How the hell am I a doomtard ,care to enlighten me ?

I think it’s impossible , not up to the level at which to see

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So why don’t you kill yourself now and be off to paradise,?

If it’s all gone to shit and heaven is so wonderful cancel your health insurance policies and pension and be on your way to happy land and love another man for all eternity.

You are a really stupid man if you do not know the answer to that question. There is no doubt that you rode a really really short bus and they made you wear bib so you would not drool all over the seats.

You try to act like some biblical expert with your horrible Bible translations and such and then to prove how totally stupid you really are you ask that…

God you are amazingly dumb…you must be dmonix.

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Whos got Chicken?

Which part of the question ? -

Why don’t kill yourself and be off to paradise ?

Why don’t you cancel your Pension and Health insurance ?

The world will be fine.

Humanity will end.

As will war, suffering and hypo-Christian blowhards.


I remind you of your ignorance but you are too ignorant to know what I am referring.
Basically you are saying the whole comment you made was ignorant, but you are too ignorant t realize that either.

Just move along or go get an adult with a minimum of average intelligence to explain it to you.

You never fail to predictably rely on Ad Hominem to try and give the appearence of authority so that thunderkittens can continue to blow smoke and delight in rimming.

Now then, the world is ending it is upon us so you claim,

So why do you need a pension and medical insurance Danny boy?
Have you given all your posessions away yet or are you not so convinced of your own ridiculous claims ?

You ask stupid questions. You ask stupid questions like Dmonix If you are not him you are just as dumb and that is saying something .
You figure it out after cows have a huge head.

Figure it out dumb aZZ