Operation Warped Speed in India

Makes me glad I’m armed…


yeah, feck that.
i wonder if she is special needs, similar to the video doing the rounds a while back where they were forcing vaccines on special needs people in the states.
she shoulda run faster.
she coulda had the whole village to herself in a few years time.


Its hard for me to accept this could happen in any place on Earth… She was a grown woman and should be able to make her own health care decisions… It was clear she was afraid of the vaccination and didn’t want it… I do not think she is alone with those thoughts and feelings… Not certain but I think this occurred in India… If so, many people have already been severely hurt and even killed from previous vaccination programs…


“Don’t you know? We need to abuse you to save you.”

I think people in the Western world underestimate the horror that is on their doorstep…


They’re as bad as the Nazis with the Jew stars.

Rural officers made some people wear the signs saying “do not come near me, I am not vaccinated. Please stay away from me”. Those who were vaccinated were given a sign with the colours of the Indian flag that read “I am a patriot as I am vaccinated”.

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Possibly. I have an autistic daughter and when I saw those poor kids at the care homes in California being forcibly jabbed I felt not only pissed, but sick to my stomach. A lot of those kids have no family and are wards of the state. How f_ckin sad is that! :rage:


You nailed it.

North Americans think what goes on in third world countries can’t happen here.

Those very same people could never tell you why it can’t happen in N.A. but “for reasons it just won’t because they’d never let that happen here.”

Jim jones drink it or we will shoot you don’t frighten the kids keep them calm it’s just a nap we fight or we die

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