Oral Ivermectin alone 12 mg once daily for 5 days

This is one of several studies I’ve been following since the early days of the pandemic, just after HCQ was demonized. Because I want to make sure this does not happen with IVM, and I am a firm believer in it — although I am not a doctor — Here is where the source of the IVM treatment as the sole drug is found.

However, much more information can be had below, including resources as to where you might get yours. Mine sits in a drawer on the ready, just in case. Just having it there is a good extra bit of sleep. Not that I’m actually afraid of the Covid in and of itself. I’m pretty sure I am quite immune.

https://covid19criticalcare.com/ and https://www.exstnc.com/

This is truly a wonder drug. It’s only mistake was that Merk let the patent lapse, and because of this (now any lab can make it), it has become the target of mass suppression.


I’m not advising or suggesting, just posting info, do your own research, never know if you’re in a jam and you really need IVM and can’t get it, it’s an option. I keep some on hand just in case along with HCQ



I still advise to be extra careful if one is going to go the ‘farm’ route. I’d recommend doing the tele-med and getting the correct dosages. But as emergency should things get weirder than they have been, I suppose having a bottle or paste would not hurt. But please, consult with a doctor you trust on the subject, or become a patient for the tele-med ones.

I only stress this because we know these forums are monitored, and it would suck for the site to be denied access due to what is deemed as ‘harmful’ information. So again, there is a lengthy, concise directory of doctors, some of whom can prescribe IVM / HCQ over a simple tele-med call, who are willing to do so. Please use that option first.

Full Disclosure: I have my pills which I got from India when there was no restriction, and I have a bottle that I have as emergency use.

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Thank you for the information for that site.

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