Original Music Thread

Daughter Has Been Using

“Dad’s” Ambient Guitar

As Track For Her Vids…

Thought Since A Lot of Us Here
Are Musically Inclined

I’d Make a Thread

Please Feel Free to Share






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Too cool. I have music from my old bands but no videos. Hopefully I can get some recorded from current project soon. Thanks as always for sharing the awesome your daughter has your talent also Brendace!

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Nicely done…both her and Dace.

Does she still get the same stats on her YT account when we play it through dtv? I know how important they are.

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Much Obligied…

Yes Would Luv
To Hear See It

Gawd No Clue…



I’m trying to get my old bands music off the cassettes from back then…I used headphones out on cassette player and microphone input to record…kinda worked in laptop but not on phone…I’ll have to use headphones out on laptop to phone to record there🙄

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Tee Hee :guitar:

Cool thanks

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Rather Interesting…

Hates So Thick

This Thread Keeps
Getting Flagged…

Thanks Mrs. B! Very chill!

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Alright I found an old channel on youtube I have no idea who set it up so don’t get anything for views but feel free to check out the channel it has 6 songs from the album we I recorded with them in Santa Fe, N.M. I’m playing bass on this one and was more than a hired gun and only wrote a few riffs and no lyrics at all. Now I’m playing guitar and we are writing it all together. Any way hope you I picked this one for the name it pertains to some DTV’ers only LOL!
Agree with myself


I wanted uploaded this for @Imagine This and my metal brother and of course also Brendace. Its the more metal song on the album and had alot of Dimebag influence. Profanity Warning though as it should be.

Ours Is Better


Got a Couple More

To Post Later…


Not Bad …

Recorded Quality Poor
So Hard To Tell…

Yes Dime Baggie

Thanks For Sharing Red


Yeah I didn’t pay for the studio it was H8piece Records out of Austin, Texas Veteran owned though. I just felt blessed to be able to get it out there at all. Thanks though my new band is with guys I’ve been playing with off and on since high school chemistry in spades and now my lead guitar player owns the studio so its on hope to share that soon but they are perfectionists so it may be a while. Looking forward to hear more musical DTV’ers!!


Absolutely LOVE the Sound matched with the Video

Words can not Described what I felt Hearing the old familiar Riffs that Reminded Me of so many bands that made it



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Thanks for the nudge Bren.
Very laid back and mellow :relieved: , seems as tho Dad could be loosing that guitar :guitar:

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