Our Food is being Booby-Trapped

Europe/The Netherlands/KLARENBEEK

Remarkable news from Gelderland (Dutch Province) that was picked by alternative news channels. A corn field of a Dutch farmer was sabotaged by hanging metal bolts onto corn plant just before harvesting. In this specific case this has caused EUR 25.000 - 30.000 damages on the harvesting machinery. The news release call it vandalism, please see Ice Age Farmer video below for more information if you believe in vandals.

Let your friendly farmer neighbour hear about this, checking his field before harvesting may save his harvest and his harvesting machinery. Tugs that do such things tend to Operate Globally.

We have Services Economy, extremely small number of our population are farmers… even this very tiny number of food producers is under constant attack. Food is definitively not a priority of our Legislators, this is clear from their policies (EU Regulations) and their actions (giving money to farmers who stop farming).

Add to above sabotage …

  • restaurant closures to stop virus spread (crap)
  • closures of butchers due to outbreaks (PCR-test related)
  • silos going up in flames (on the moment that they are full)
  • government asking for even more PCR-tests in food industry
  • essential stuff for plant growth (CO2) being criminalized
  • economy and supply chains being imploded on a base of badly calculated and over exaggerated models
  • solar minimum is upon us, less sunspots = shorter season = less crops

… and it becomes clear that somebody declared war on our food production with a goal of manufactured famine. Manufactured Famine we know from USSR and China, used for:

A) Depopulation (those who don’t eat)
B) Population Control (those who eat)

Why? Because we are unruly majority, difficult to control and we are getting smarter…that’s dangerous.

Why? Because good unprocessed food is that what keeps us alive, healthy, strong and happy… that’s dangerous and also unprofitable.


Just wait…
Ive read reports on how “They” are planning on making it an enviromental crime to grow and eat your own food.

Its coming… Soylent Green

New Green Movement…Will destroy whats left of the agriculture market.

Been reported that BLM, Antifa members have been caught trying to set fires to crops to.

Not gona get better any time soon.


Try getting non-GMO seeds in a shop, same game. Food-Controlled-Society is “their” wet dream coming true.


Alien covenant and prometheus maybe. or even an alien gmo which has been uncovered. Hense the mask and why china has rejected so much cotton grain and cattle this year. The x files was spot on.

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So right!!
Makes one wonder doesnt it?

We see this twisted logic here too mate…the filter in the gene pool of life is overdue for a clean…nothing better than Brian dead activists breaking the law to shame law abiding people LEGALLY going about their lives…

Little aircon vent just above the eyes should sort it out… :beers:

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Kids would have used old bolts.
Jaccobin Jesuits and Mason’s would be to lazy. Buy a bag at the hard ware store.

I would find out who, easy enough

If they were not bought locally, you start interrogating out of town folk
Here is where good people gather and manage the heard

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All fair points mate…I’d just surveillance the crops up, and who knows, maybe do a little booby trapping of my own…then pop a broom stick up their arse and plant them to keep the birds away :beers:

Thanks For Posting This

Yes There is a War On

So…Kamala Harris
And The Food Police

Could Too Easily Be Reality


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It’s all about good nutrients in the soil… dried cow paddies, add a seed… watch it grow! No green thumb required, just a sunlit window and occasional water when the green screams “I’m THIRSTY!”. Tune in, sprout baby plants that grow into veggies… talk to them, watch them grow! :seedling: :four_leaf_clover: :deciduous_tree: :apple:

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download (7)

Aint that the truth.:disappointed:

Boomer?..how rude, I’m X bay bee :rofl: :beers:


if you can only get gmo dont worry after the 4th replant the gmo seeds are back to normal a little science for you.


That pool analogy is spot on, too many dung beetles are trying to swim. :beers:

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Police investigation is ongoing, don’t believe they will catch anybody… town folk may.

Thanks, didn’t know that.

For sure mate :beers:

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