Outlandish Fairy Folklore

Legends of the Fae have persisted for as long as humans have otld stories. By the Fae I mean anything in the “Hidden World” I call it. This can mean fairies, gnomes, goblins, Djinn, even bigfoot, and dog men accounts. In modern times we have turned them into happier fairy tales. Not the dark tales of lesson that our ancestors used to scare their children into staying in the village at night.

This is a pretty interesting look at some of the lesser known Fae legends, interesting tales, and an Origin story that may be biblical in Nature.


Irish Mythology and Folklore, Joseph Campbell, Freud… combine their research with some sit down time with old illuminated manuscripts that depict the early infusion of celtic culture with christianity. Lotta hidden relics of divine nature going on, interesting stories. Fae people. Bet they taste extra delicious to the vampires.

Book of Kells is fascinating. The story of Saint Bega is also quite fun.

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I along with my cousin saw a gnome that looked just like one out of snow white . My cousin had woken me to tell me she could hear chopping and in the dark of the night right outside her bedroom window bounced the most illuminated outlined gnome with an axe on his shoulder . It gave me a life long interest in all things paranormal , spiritual and unexplained .


Somehow I missed out on that Disney Classic

Snow White
the Seven Gnomes

they were
1 Gerome
2 Freddie
3 Hubert
4 Greggory
5 Philip
6 Rodrick
7 Gaylord ⁷⁷

The Seven Gnomez :heart:



This is the one.

Thanks for the addition @guns.and.fastcars aka𝕽𝖎𝖕𝖕𝖊𝖗

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"Got to Love it"

Legends ring of truth. We will again be able to communicate with these creatures. Just because we don’t know them now, doesn’t make them bad. Nature spirits. They are very playful and vibrate at a higher frequency than man kind in general.

There you are!

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Still a good post!

A little girl in the store today asked why unicorns aren’t real. I asked if she’s ever seen a rhinoceros :yum:


Did you explain to her that the food it ate made it fat?. Belly full, but no nutrition. This is what is happening to humanity. Thanks for the fun times❤️.

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Yeah, like when you eat Chinese food :fortune_cookie:

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No offence but i have to disagree,
they vibrate at a lower frequency and are jealous and resentful of us having this higher frequency, one day those who love our creator will be risen above evejn the angels of Elohim.
These things like the faer folk the elementals and all the other varied pre diluvian & post diluvian satanic archetypes
are daemonic in nature and its either a symbiotic relationship of mutual evil or posession of humanity they cause harrassment stealing children and other forms of violations of natural laws.
They lie to us and make us think they are grey aliens or ghosts of the forgotten dead however they are liars deceivers and if we are smart we will have nothing whatsoever to do with them they only cause nothing but trouble like the wandering spirits of the dead nephilim who demand human baby sacrifice to be placated this is the historical pattern and nothings changed so far its getting worse.
These beings were never meant to exist in the first place they are abominations of the natural order of creation in our multiverse and they have caused uncountable harm over the millenia to humanity.
Dont get sucked in by the disney styled “good magic-bad magic” garbage mind control
its all evil all of it.
All of these beings are spawned from the father of lies.
Study history and mythology and modern ufo abduction phenomena researchers and you will understand this too.
Humanity is being actively degraded spiritually physically and mentally by these beings and there elite human counterparts im warning you because ive been through it already in a big way in life for a long time now and i had to learn the hard way because i believed like you i was enamoured byb “magic” and the spirits and others forms of deceptions for many years fortunately i managed to break free but thats another story.
Good luck. :+1:


Thank you for you explanation of the fae and elementals. Are they really all evil?. I’m not into Disney fairy stuff to begin with( I have 2 sons). I have studied some mythology and history, but how much of it can you actually believe?. Finding out so much of it is lies. I have trusted my gut feeling when I sense an energy around me outside. UFO abductions, well that’s another story with the DNA restructuring and hybrid babies. Yes, the evil dark force has killed and experimented on so many eating them, living off of their fear etc. I do agree spirituality is being degraded. People go to church, read from the bible and don’t understand what it really means. The spirit was taken out of teachings a long time ago, but a fair number are returning to the truth. I will study more, but I find it hard to see garden fairies as evil.

Hey thanks very nice reply its ok you are welcome to believe what you like of course i can only relate my own presonal experiences and what i have learned through a long time of study, there is a passage in the bible that states that lucifer present as an angel of light but is really evil,
does this make sense?
Thats how these beings can operate, they present as something bright loving and good but they are evil, all of them.
They resent us i believe and will trick us decieve us and drain us of our life giving forces if we let them.
Ive had numerous experiences with otherworldy beings since childhood and suffered abduction phenome for years and years until i found Jesus Christ thankfully.
But anyways im not here to convince you of anyhting im enjoying talking with you and want you to learn research and decide for yourself what you choose to believe,
i never ever mess with these being anymore ever, and they keep right away from me now gladly,
because when they first started interacting with me in the early stages i was ignorantly enamoured by them, but as time went on the veil dropped and my intuition started to realise they were evil by then i could not get rid of them abducting me against my will late at night,
its stopped now, thank you Jesus and God.
P.s. My dog never liked them go figure???
Take care brother keep posting its great to have you here truly kind regards from me.:slight_smile:

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I think Lucifer can present as an angel of light being made of light originally. I totally believe that power of draining our essence/ force, and I am very careful with anything unknown. I personally have never been abducted as I almost always believed in Jesus ( some years more than others, believing in higher powers, and was brought back to Jesus, mater, spirit and god source. ) I have always trusted my animals, they can not be deceived like most humans. I almost always have my dogs or cats around me. Aww shucks, you made a strawberry blonde haired blue eyed lady blush❤️. Very kind regards. Is there any readings on the fae or devas you can recommend for me?.

What a delightful response thank you most graciously and God bless you too.
I will respond again when times available as i would love to!!!

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Anyone else remember the “Cottingley Fairies”…?
Two young girls handmade cardboard fairies and gnomes and propped them up in the back yard and then took photos of the fairies with themselves in the pics.
It looked like the girls were interacting with these fairies, they fooled the world into believing that these fairies were Real, Even Conan Doyle was completely sucked in.

The girls didnt come clean for yrs, i could be alittle off as i didnt reread the story but instead i told it how i remembered it from yrs ago.

Just Google Cottingley Fairies, its a hoot, as you Canadians say

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I remember this very well Rob it was huge at the time too they were very clever chicks to pull that one haha but i still believe these pre flood beings really existed people fake ufo all thebtime but we know somethings out there none the less.
Good on you Rob respect brother good to hear from you and thanks for yhe topic reminded me of childhood aye.
Take care my friend here if you ever need me always.

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No worries TC, and thanks.
BTW Have you heard from @Danny_28764 at all, hes been quite lately.

I have but unfortunately Danny has vanished il pm you one day and talk ok.
Real pity he was a very moral person with great biblical knowledge, i hope hes safe and well wherever he is, its important for us all to realise how the internet has changed lately with cencorship and things like that and we must act accordingly so as not to give the corporations any reason etc, you know what i mean my friend, lets protect what we have you dont know how good it is until it isnt one day aye Rob.
Take care-David.

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