Oxidation of Epinephrine to Adrenochrome by Cetyltrimethylammonium Dichromate: A Mechanistic Study

Oxidation of Epinephrine to Adrenochrome by Cetyltrimethylammonium Dichromate: A Mechanistic Study



The present study reports the oxidation of epinephrine (adrenaline), a neurotransmitter by a lipid compatible lipophilic Cr (VI) oxidant, cetyltrimethylammonium dichromate (CTADC). The kinetics of the reaction is studied in organic media in the presence of acetic acid by UV–vis spectroscopic method. The rate of the reaction is measured by monitoring adrenochrome, the oxidized product of epinephrine at 455 nm. The reaction is fractional order with respect to CTADC and epinephrine. Acetic acid is found to retard the rate of the reaction. A suitable ionic mechanism is proposed based on the experimental findings where epinephrine is converted to adrenochrome through the intermediate, leucochrome. The proposed reaction mechanism is also supported by the effect of solvent, effect of temperature, and effect of surfactants on the rate of the reaction. The decrease in rate constant due to increase in polarity and hydrogen bond acceptor ability of the solvent indicates the existence of a less polar transition state and stabilization of the reactants through strong intermolecular hydrogen bonding. The addition of surfactants (cationic, anionic, and nonionic) decreased the rate of reaction, and the retardation is explained through the partition of oxidant and substrate in different microheterogeneous media.

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so i need vinigar and deuterium or tritium
a hot plate and a 455 nm laser

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3M has the patent for preparing adrenochrome: US Patent # 4501923

This was done back in the '80s when 3M was called Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. The patent was issued in 1985. Interestingly, the patent expired in April 2020

https://archive.is/5IpPh - link to Patent Office page

https://archive.is/PH9IZ - link to Google Patent reference

https://pimg-fpiw.uspto.gov/fdd/23/019/045/0.pdf - Scan of patent documents

This was taken from a video of a US Army officer standing in front of a giant white rabbit holding the same red and blue eggs in appropriate hands as adrenochrome 2D rendered chemical shape image on ncbi Website. This was taken around March 23 2020. :eyes:. The officer was doing a vodcast and stopped right in front of this rabbit. Didn’t say anything about it - just stopped and let it be in the background. Trippy AF.


Very interesting subject!

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wtf I feel like I saw a picture of this, its a diagram that shows a large white rabbit, it was of some type of military time/dimensional travel thing :thinking: anyone else remember this? there was a thread about something here a while ago I did a reverse image search on one of the drawings and was from some whistleblowers drawings of the facility

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That is a trip bro…I never knew the compound nature formed the shape of rabbit. What an interesting nugget of info you’ve just shared, cheers.

Off down the rabbit hole I go :joy: no pun intended (but enjoyed)

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