Painting Restoration done right

This is how valuable Art is Restored… as an Artist myself, i thought this video was so freakin Cool, and I’m sure any other fellow artist or Art Lover would agree with me.

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I’m sorry… I thought that was a cigarette sticking out of her mouth. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Wow that is cool, like you would have to be an artist yourself to do this…:point_up:
Not having a go at this, its just my personal feelings.
During my prospecting days i have found thousands of coins and relics in the goldfields of Victoria.
Very rarely have i cleaned/restored an item, its taken a couple of hundred yrs to acquire its “Patena” and cannot be “restored” to its original state without erasing the 200yrs of weathering.
I did cleanup a few items of no value by using Electrolosis, it helps remove alot of gunk, but i only did this cleaning up with crappy objects.
I see the painting in the same way, with its fading and cracking, it is still untouched by anyone but the original artist, and to me that is more important than a restorer leaving his own topcoat and hiding what the original artist painted.
I am aware that restoration can increase “art” substantially, its just not for me.
But thanx for the video, very interesting.
Brendace likes to paint, have you seen her work, its pretty darn good.

PS, can you show us some of your art Steve…RRR

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So not this then…


in order to restore art like this, i guess you have to be even better then almost everybody when it comes to drawing and painting like this to begin with.

wouldnt be suprised if they smoked NewPorts back then.

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You actually more than answered the post I was going to make myself.

It’s not just being able to match tones, colour etc … but being able to weave that paint to match the Weathering and degradation over the years; which really changes the dynamic. The skill involved in doing this is so impressive.

There have been a few examples posted before … but this is my fave :joy:


Even the meme fails tbh as it should have been a landscape if using Bob Ross :joy:

He was fantastic too … made it look so easy, slapping paint onto a canvas :blush:

P.s. I did actually catch the paintings that Brendace posted a few months ago – mainly trees I think. There were a couple in particular I thought were very good. She also paints guitars and bass if not mistaken – talented lady for sure.

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thank you for taking Interest in my art man, means a lot, when i get some more done i would definitly love to show you man, email me at, let me know its you.

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We called that French Smoking when I was at School … Inhaling through the nostril!! … It really does look like it :joy::joy::joy: … great spot :joy::beers:


I guess great artists like Davinci would re use painted over canvases.

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nice to see you steve, where have you been?
i have a friend who is a fine artist that may(or may not) be of interest to you.
his art is amazing and he has a few tutorials online.

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Wow!! … that’s beautiful man – You can see the motion – ridiculously good.

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thank you its great to see you again also, i just been working trying to keep up with all the updated versions of Disclose,. haha, … Btw those are awesome man!!!. thank you for sharing and introducing me to your friends Art.

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