Park named after Benjamin Franklin, Renamed

As the rewriting of history continues to go unchecked, I question how many generations it will take before the founding fathers are something people have never heard of. The park which was named after Benjamin Franklin has been renamed after Rosa Franklin which they say will really express diversity and inclusiveness.

Apparently it was a win/win for them. They won’t even have to change the signs on Franklin Park or Franklin Elementary.

Franklin Park renamed for Rosa Franklin instead of Ben | Tacoma News Tribune (

They cant make a park someplace named for who ever rosa Franklin is? Id also like to know how many people are sleeping easier now that this happened? I do know one person that finds it very disconcerting that people and little pieces of history are being deleted and replaced.

Who da duck is that

“Remember whitey ‘inclusion’ starts with your exclusion.” —liberal bigots

I have nothing but respect for Ben Franklin and think that what’s happening with regards to renaming/removing things has gotten way out of hand but in this instance the park is next to a school named after Ben Franklin and city officials stated that the name was changed not to disrespect Ben Franklin but because Mrs Franklin represented the area in the senate, lived and attended a university there

Just plain hateful and vengeful founded on misguided envy.