Pastor jailed until may in Canada

you need to hear this guy if your not a Christian
hes not your enemy

what ever you think of Christians the persecutions is on

what’s it going to be Morgana? how bout you moocowman
whos side you on
because until now we have all been citizens together, the purge is on now and you are being separated from us, we are not being separated from you.

can I tell you morgana and moocowman have been living in a world of blessing my God provides for us, and it has blessed you with real freedoms.

You are watching us persecuted , and with our deaths so our blessings for our countries.

watch this vid where the pastor is there after arrested, and deeply think.
do you hate us so much that it sits comfortably with you


Let’s get something straight before I even consider watching the vid.#

At no time have I declared any hatred at all toward christians, I don’t hate christians.

However - to be clear , I do find christianity loathsome and insidious, in the same way that the christian Godman doesn’t “hate” homosexuals or people attired in mixed fabrics, but “what they do”.

Now you are fully aware that I don’t hate christians I will make the time to watch your video.

Out of common courtesy I would like you to reciprocate by watching the following very short video .Kindly answer the (very easy) pop quiz as equally as honest as I have responded to you, so I may get a feel of what type of christian you are.

Thats a real shame MC i think you would make a great christian my friend i dont like fake christianity either frankly i find its been infiltrated and abused by evil doers using it as cover but the basic moral tenets are really good for humanity you dont have to join any fake church cult to believe and have real faith btw i think you have the strong moral fortitude to have what it takes to be real in christs real teachings my friend well it hasnt done me no harm and alls i got is me and my bible nothing else in life.
But anyways i been thinking of you lately
and just saying what i feel.
Take care brother your a good man and very clever you know sometimes the most sceptical like i was become the greatest believers in life i hated xrist and God once not that long ago btw.
Be well and thanks for not hating upon us really we just care and want the best for all humanity really thats truth aye.
Respect always MC glad your not a hater we arent either brother.
Kind regards from dave the freaky but alone xristian that wishes you well in life anyways brother no matter what.

Hey my beautiful brother in xrist im so sorry to watch this vid its abhorrent and sad to see and hear this im like broken inside now i knew this was coming but we cant be too afeared we have to be brave now in xrist he gave us the hope that our spirits will be safe if we dont succumb to the satanic agendas running rampant in society now sadly.
Im ashamed of humanity now shocked and utterly horrified.
But stay strong and keep your faith too.
And bless you too.All my respect and regards always what a sad state of affairs this world we all live in now sadly so.


Not college, by technical taxonomy

1#I don’t believe in power of prayer
I believe prayer is a communication with God
1b# Ii believe in power of God to answer prayer.
1c# prayer for amputated legs is determinate on Gods reasons and desires for the amputeés life. Maybe that infirmary of any kind keeps a person in a reactive lifestyle of humility.
1d# I have heard of a spontainious leg regeneration from a pastor I personally trust who was a witness to it, ( because we don’t do the healing.

1 inclusive , we do hold out spontainously happens, and it fits a pattren of Gods mercy AND God’s sovereignty for the holiness of gospel before the eyes of people who have never heard of God.
It is a exception not a rule or a conjuring of men or science. Which is the proof of God beyond doubt.

There are starving people because You, me, no load parents who are ignorant. Governments who won’t enslave them for thier own good. Yes some times slavery is good. Just like you find a stray dog in city and enslave and dominate them.

Starving children in africa is a product of war and money to take the land , mineral and water rights in africa for the Roman war machine. I find it humorous you blame God for the deeds of men that you can scientifically percieve

3# kill rebellious children in the house of Israel,. It’s God’s chicken coop gods rules think of this of a culling of defective people.

3bb# the Culling of homosexuals falls along this paradigm. They exploit and harm the crop of Israel. Godis raising prise winning jerusalem reds not semites half breed tel Avive deseased and flying bats.

Quote " and he made them Man and woman

The destruction of homosexuals and all sin really was to preserve a blood line god could implant his son. Israel was called the wife of God.

I have yet in my 60 years heard one word of nonsense in bible. I know the latin vulgate has all kinds of errors but the textus receptus is not error prone and as perfect as I can tell

God created all of creations in 6 sets of a division of time. Yod = day in hebrew and aramaic 6 yod could = 6 literal days, 6 thousand years or 6 million years.
The videographer is kinda douchy not having the science of linguistics. I fine his pantomime of serious as laughable in its stark ignorance from a self proclaimed intelectual.

Noah’s flood see (Noah's Flood Was Not World Wide | The Bertrand Comparet Archive at

Your level of dna science does not limit gods ability to do as has been shared if he can grow a leg in thin air. Making monkeys from dirt seems blazé.

This vid is a child in the middle of his room who can’t find he toy

5# I like slavery

#6. Rain falls on just and unjust

#7 mosses was engaged as miracle worker
Jesus came to die as a sacrifice for sin. He diddent move mountains or split rocks for water because his purpose was to die like sheep slaughtered for sin.

8#Jesus appeard to me

9#. Eating his body and drinking his blood is so that we become like him

The sacrifices were eaten to represent God sacrificing himself. And he did it in a big way so no one took his effort lightly.

10#. Christians are attacked by sin equally divorce is silly women being led astray mostly and 20% whore men.

Divorce was not always prevalent among christians. It’s a sign of the desease of modern science , nothing is taboo to a people who think themselves as God

He was arrested after making this speech/sermon?

I’m only 10-15 min in but agree with a lot he has to say – very interesting.

Not only agree but have woven my own path; or at least tried to, by the teachings of Jesus, and that there are so many misconceptions and literal indictronations that cannot/should not be upheld… at the very least re-addressed for understanding sake.

… Knowledge is one thing; Understanding is another … and knowlege without understanding is nothing! … thats my own observation :blush:

And not to say im right either … it just makes sense to me at this time.

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Ok , so I watched your video , what arrest ? Who got arrested and why ?

Did you just clickbait and dupe me into going to a virtual church and sitting through a very lengthy sermon ?


at end of vid he is talking to officers who cart him off to jail , they were standing and videotaping him.

Glad you watched it, does he seem crazy or ignorant to you, ? should he be jailed?

Original video deleted was it the sermon that got him arrested

Pretty damn cool IMO you watched. In my reality your mind is open to what you disagree with. Peace to you.

Many stories of Christians being persecuted. Today ccp arrested and detained 10 Christians for being at church. They have no churches anymore and they can only worship at a house. And there was a violation so just like at Christmas the ccp goons stopped the Christians. Ccp only likes Catholics. They allow few. They going after all the religious beliefs there unless approved.

Saddest is what happened in Ethiopia. Makes me want to jump on a plane and help those people pray. Well they will be protected while they pray.

That’s why Christians are rising up as the preacher. It’s time to see and choose. Very sad to see this story.

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Have you posted the right video ?
I watched a ginger dude giving a sermon, at the very end he is praying and a girl picks up a violin.

Do you have a link to any news articles etc covering the story?
I can’t form an opinion about the matter until I have all the facts relating to what he was arrested for and what he was finally charged with, if at all.

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Then surely this is clearly punishment from jesus for being in breach of his instruction on praying so don’t complain about it —

5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

@moocowman only the first part was only part for you. Had to go like the wisdom you got is special.

There is a idea that people like mtv commercial, video. That if they don’t see people cuffed in vid at church like a mtv big hair cherry pie to consume.

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