Pence The Mole

Article Lays It All Out

The Whole Electoral Fiasco

The False Flag

And Pre Written Statements
Condemning It

Throwing Trump Under The Bus


And This


So, tRump is good ?!..
To much typing really isn’t your issue, is it ?!..

It’s Not About

Trump Being Good FFS

But You Know That Don’t Ya


Ok ?!.. Then, why the quote ?!..

From the beginning pence was brought in shore up ‘support’ from the Republican establishment that did not want trump as the nominee, even though he won it.

It’s odd that for a candidate that ran on the rights platform, who was not a Republican quickly has been marginalized as a Republican, alt right even.
When his roots were as a New York Democrat.
More akin to JFK, then anything on the right or left at the time.

It’s a testament to the swing in general perception and expectations.

Pence did what he was chosen to do, unfortunately that was to tow the establishment line. As he himself was largely unremarkable and unable to gain a higher office on his own.

Lobbyists, special interests, foreign influence.
All means to an end to obtain wealth, and power for the establishment. The people are a resource to be utilized, a debt to be sold off down the line.

What Is it, each citizen is responsible for about 460,000 in national debt. Actually more as I write this.
It extends to future generations being responsible and beholden to that debt.
Which can be sold off to other entities for assets in the now. Which are given out to special individuals or groups in many ways. No bid contracts etc.

I imagine fort Knox’s sits largely empty as no audit of Americas gold reserves has been allowed. Instead filled with records of birth certificates, and identifying documentation that represents what backs the American dollar on the open market.


This is likely more the purpose for encouraging illegal immigration, and amnesty as it adds to the leveragable asset in human resource. Allowing for additional borrowing from foreign entities.

My views on the matter maybe pessimistic but I believe centered more in reality then not.

Slavery is not just chains and whips.

Foremost it is servitude.


Because That’s What Happened


And This …


Thank Fabbo …

U InDeed Get It


No, what happened is, the repubs and dems (tRump included) are trying to divide the country and rile the slaves to kill each other…
tRump should not be shown as the victim…

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Ok Point Taken

The Masses Are
Falling For Though

It’s Pathetic


It’s easy to forget after 4 years of hissy fits, but the reality is.

“People are upset. They’re angry at the system and they see Trump — not so much that they agree with him — but they see him as the human Molotov cocktail that they get to toss into the system with Brexit and blow it up, send a message,” Moore said.

Good plays no part in the establishment motivation for being rid of him. Right or left.


All I’m trying to do is open peoples eye’s to the fact it’s “All” of them…
They are “All” guilty…
Once we come together as a people to these truth’s, the sooner these people start losing control over us…


if this retard mole, has any Republican spirit in him he should slam this scum tRump with the 25 and do the u.s. a great favour.

I ConCurr…

It’ll Neva Happen Tho


Savage truth!


Geez…not even two weeks leave it alone…someone needs to inform Nancy that the President can’t and never could push the button she speaks of…takes two


Gold is not at Knox anymore. Probably not even in the U.S or under U.S control. Thank the muslim traitor named Odumba for that that one


I think Knox was empty years ago Danny :wave: