Penguin baby on Mars or Devon island?

Here is a video of what looks very much like a penguin on the planet Mars by someone that has noticed another anomoly.
I have always suspected what we are being shown via photos and video isnt Mars at all and is Devon island instead, sorry for the science nasa buffs but how many anomolies is this to date now that so many peoples have found on whats supposed to be real footage of the red planet i wonder?
Lies lies and more lies this is my opinion.
Here check him out if you please.

Lol Scott C. Waring is a fuckin joke that needs to be in a mental Institution.

Keep defending your tellers of truth if that makes you happy,
but the video doesnt lie, nasa does.

Devon island and liars in space.^^

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The imagination can run like the wind when images are out of focus…on Mars or here on planet Earth.

No Penguins in the northern hemisphere.


Yeah nasa lies or atleast hides shit from us, but a penguin on mars…?
Ok im a bit high from my medical hemp, but…

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It could be nothing, i admit.
It does seem odd to me though that anyhting like that seems to turn up in these nasa Photos
Bit of fun aye thats all. :laughing:
A penguin hahahaha/

social programming has taken most humans identity and intelligence away years ago , humans now will believe anything the authority’s tell them , humans indoctrination to all the lies through media and television has made the humans race a sub species that cant think for itself hence sheep lamb to the slaughter , never mine ill tell you one fact you have until 2030 and thats it get used to the idea because none of us will be here after that date , AI and the elite 1 milllion that escape to mars are the ones coming back to repopulate here .

penguins dont live in the north, just the southern oceans

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