Pentagon UFO videos x3 SOLVED

Im not say its ALIENS im saying its NOTCHBACKS. ya ya i know you gotta watch 2 videos booo hoo. Remember this is free and a preview of upcoming radio/tv interviews im doing so this material is a EXCLUSIVE on Disclose TV. If you wanna complain im sure a pay site would be happy to take your money and string you along like a sheep but i bet they wont forget to bill you. Thanks to the kind remarks from people taking the time to actually watch the series of videos. This is basically a huge disclosure that people have been asking for.

Ill tell you what…if this post exceeds 1000 views ill have you Discose TV viewers take over the jonbenet ramsey case of colorado. Im 80% there but its a little to dark for my style. Imagine Discose TV solved this mystery that is from December 26, 1996. Imagine solving it from this website and YOU the viewer get to contribute to the solution and take credit.

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