Petra And Satan's Prison


Interesting post. I believe there is truth to myths such as this. Let’s hope they don’t open the ‘lid’…

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Dont think this is the bottomless pit.

Some think is Antarctica.
Others Switzerland.

Although… The bible does make reference to the four most terrifying angels being imprisoned at the mouth of the Euphrates.

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Petra sits at the mouth

possibly Yemen…
wait for the next post… :smiley:

Tinfo, point taken.
Hopefully that was your only reason for being so infectious (you know like Cancer)

Now please tell me wtf has your video got to do with the original post…?
the material mentioned in the original post speaks of inhabitants like the Nabataean people/Culture of Petra.
Obviously, the name Petra is from a Greco/Roman background. (there is also a colosseum in Amman- which means the Romans were there at some stage between 800 BC & 400 AD buddy).

so your video technically doesn’t add up in dates.

the Prophet Mohammed was born 22 April 571 AD.
Quran was written between 609–632 AD.
Petra was already named Petra before the QURAN was written.
so tell Gibbo to leg it back to KFC for 3 piece feed of bullish!t!

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