Pilot busted spraying god knows what over california?


It’s still happening folks… Have we gotten tired of all the restrictions imposed upon us because of all the Coronavirus Fear Mongering??.. Many people have gotten vaccinated just for the promise of restoring their lives… It doesn’t appear as if people will be back to normal any time soon even when submitting to experimental vaccinations… If people will not die off fast enough for these Globalist Agendas, other measures are still in place and very active…

All we have to do is look up to see what is raining back down, on top of us… Here is a recent example of a plane releasing a chemical concoction in the skies over California… Take note that it is not a condensation trail… You can clearly see the Pilot is able to control the flow of whatever is being released… Turning it on and off… They can disperse anything from these planes above our heads… Why isn’t the Air Force intercepting these rogue planes and protecting our citizens??.. Isn’t that their duty and the job they are sworn to do??..




if you dont post where it happened, what direction
you might as well not post

no data points it could have happened in Guam


The only information offered was it was on April 25th, 2021, at 7:30 PM in the evening… It was recorded in the State of California… While it may not be specific enough for the exact location of this sighting… However, it is just one example of so many others that is still an ongoing problem… The real point is that this is still happening everywhere… At any given day, I can see this going on in my State of Florida… As we are being sprayed like cock roaches, no one is offering up good explanations of why they are really doing it… I do not see our Air Force Jets protecting our air space… As these planes continue to pollute the very air we breath… Anything can be dumped on top of us… Whether it is permitted in Guam, Florida, California or anywhere else…


You’re right, but some people don’t understand

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Not hoping for more of it but hoping more people will add to the facts when they record these. :sunglasses::alien::+1: keep an eye out for orbs too. The good eyes are trying, but those are not falling stars or meteors coming down

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It was stated from Cali. Does it matter which way the plane is flying? from west to east, east to west, north to south, south to north, towards the wind, against the wind, perpendicular to the moon, horizontal to the sun?
Chemicals are being sprayed on you and your family but how and which direction is more important. This is why illuminati are winning, the sheep are on alcohol, drugs, tv, and fear. Shame.


yeah it matters thats where im at, which is why I asked

Just keep looking up, Brother… :eyeglasses: Maybe, you’ll get the evidence you need along with better data points to share… Just try not to breath in too much of that stuff… :crazy_face:


next time look at flightradar24 app what plane it is.


I think some of you got side tracked on the point I was trying to make on this thread… I do not care about just one particular plane, to identify it better… I care more about what it was doing and that it’s being allowed to happen… I didn’t make the video… I just shared it to illustrate the Globalists Agenda to create another way to poison humanity… If it’s not pandemics, vaccines then it’s chemtrails… Who knows, if viruses can be spread this way??..

What the video does offer, is that the trail left behind it can not be explained away as condensation… It is a chemical concoction being released in our skies on purpose… Displayed when the Pilot can choose to turn it on or off… What goes up, usually comes back down… Any kind of chemicals can be dispersed this way on top of us… Whatever chemicals that falls on the Earth below can effect our soil, plant life, animal life, our water supplies and even the very air we breath… That is the point of this thread… Hope this helps…


It is a total criminal act of our airspace. Where are our so called loyal military commanders-in-chiefs? Or are they also criminally involved.


Could be a fuel dump.

Fuel dumps don’t last for 50+ miles.

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If that was it ---- it is still a serious problem!!.. I know they explain away some of the chemtrails as fuel dumps… I can imagine a fuel spill also having environmental effects to our soil and water supplies when it comes back down to Earth…

I used to own and operate a small fleet of trucks… One of those trucks leaked about 5 gallons of diesel fuel on the ground and someone complained… It cost me over $15,000 to clean up the spill to satisfy the EPA… Digging up the ground, collecting all the soil and taking it to a special plant to be treated… Then to refill the land space with dirt again for a 15 by 35 hole dug into the ground… Then the harassment continued from the EPA who came back months later wanting the ground dug up again… They claimed they required more testing of the soil and the water table 15 feet below the surface… What little diesel was spilled wasn’t worth all of that but I had no choice but to comply…

From my own sad story it doesn’t seem like a good thing to be dumping fuel from a moving aircraft… Especially, the volume we can see coming out of these planes…

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:sunglasses::alien::+1:…remember that las vegas massacre of October 1, 2017? The gun ship that came out of nowhere? Can you research this with that?


They usually do them over water for exactly those environmental reasons. Do we know if this plane was filmed over the water? Or the rough altitude? I think they can do it over land if they are high enough. Most of it evaporates.

A bigger plane, it sure can. Where are you getting 50 miles from?

Well in my own experience they were concerned about 5 gallons of fuel… Dripping on the ground, traveling down the gutter, going into a ditch, continuing its travel into a river that leads to the Bay and contaminating the whole ocean… You do not want the EPA on your azz… Take it from me… This was first reported to the cops… Then the fire department was involved… After that, the EPA was called… I didn’t know who they would call next… I was expecting the Marines to show up at my door…

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