Pole Shift Warning! Whole Plates Shifting in One Day's Time

Pole Shift Is Here! Whole Plates Shifting in One Day’s Time — Major Seismic Unrest Due Next Several Days

The spread of seismic activity is undeniable and can be seen over a 24-48 hour time period perfectly lining the whole series of plate boundaries West and East of the Pacific ( as a whole ).

The deep earthquake event has displaced the Pacific as well as adjacent plates West and East (Australia to India and Central to South America).

Large activity due between current sets of quakes … magnitudes should reach above 6.0 in several locations with at least one M7.0 likely due in the middle of the whole region to the West of Fiji reaching to Indonesia where the new volcano just erupted (Lewotolo volcano).


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“And then the Sun Erupted”

More Open your eyes Sun Science from the S0.

2 separate 50,000 ft. high Volcanic Blast,
725miles apart in Indonesia.
fallowed by 2 separate 6.0 Earthquakes,
on opposite sides of the Globe…

Here is The Nov 29th 2020, Solar eruption Captured by
NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


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