Police in Scotland barge into house

Police in Scotland barge into house

This is an example of how our freedom has been demolished by the new laws brought into force with the excuse of Covid.

I would like to hope there has been an investigation and action taken.

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When this shit starts happening in America, people will die, both the police and the citizens.

Welcome to DTV!


And Happen It Will…

Started already in Canada on a outdoor hockey rink in
Calgary, Alberta Canada


Not saying this is not true, but when will imposters start posing as police and doing what they please?
They’re masked up.
TD is right, though I think cops will be coming hard and heavy swat style because they know people will be armed end resisting.
I can see this as a catalyst to begin disarming. Covid cops busting a house for not social distancing and a firefight ensues.
Perfect excuse to start gun confiscation.
Perfect law abiding citizens will become criminals overnight.


My blood is boiling! WTF !

Early last year here in NSW, Australia some guy was fined for the heinous crime of eating a Kabab on a park bench when all alone.
The cops here in NSW have backed off somewhat and I think because of that.

I might add that Australia is one of very few countries on the world not to have a civil war or uprising. The closest we got was The Eureka Stockade Rebellion uprising in 1854
We are generally a laid back society but will stand up if pushed to far and lots of us don’t believe in this Covid stuff.

This shows that its nothing to do with a virus.

Think about it, if they were actually worried about catching something that was REALLY deadly, they wouldn’t be getting at all that close to ANYONE.

Its all about control, the convid goes hand in hand with 9/11 the filth know it, the politicians know it, even the front line medics know it!

Even when the lie is uncovered and the truth is in plain sight, the media will tell you its a conspiracy theory and that will be official (bs) narrative.


At least they didn’t barge into his house and demand to f@$k his wife.

Its proof the pandemic is bs.
You can tell anyway no hospitals are overflowing anywhere.

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of course but the lie will still be the truth, so they can justify beating people up and doing what they want.

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at times like this we don’t have the luxury of worrying about formalities when imposing restrictions upon how many feet away from your wife you need to be while both governors take turns jackhammering her :joy:

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you should be listening more to the fuhrer. everything would just be fine, if you just would do that.


I have be told be a number of health workers in the NHS not to post anything relating to work on any social media platforms with threats of dismissal. Last time we had tiktok and Facebook posts of well rehearsed dance routines that blew much of the lie of over crowded hospital wards of sick and dying covid patients. My wife was taken to our local 2wks ago with chest pains and she said it was dead (pardon the pun) and said there was a heavy presence of both private security along with police patrolling the corridors and grounds to stop people going in and filming. This is where we are at now. Those found in hospitals without good reason filming will be arrested and charged. Meanwhile thise with long term conditions are totally denied further appointments and treatments due to the convid plandemic. We here in the UK are policed by consent of the public. And the way our police have been so heavily politicised its high time that consent was withdrawn.

The hospital closest to us here in NC has done the same thing. They told them if they found out someone was talking about the hospital being empty they would be fired. If you go to visit someone there is a guard on each floor too, most of the time looking horribly bored.

you would like fuhrer to bang your wife i bet, you prob jack off watching :rofl:

‘Ya, put it in the spider’ :wink:

and when they die from neglected healthcare, its listed as convid :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

Now if you have some serious health conditions like myself, and you die because the NHS has stopped appointments and treatments is that also a covid death? Or is that manslaughter?

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How in the hell did you have a video to correspond to this ridiculousness?! Too funny, man