Polydimensional Physics Phor Unconventional Propulsion Basics

In memorial of Zorg

to understand non reaction propulsion for unconventional craft you must understand polydimentional physics and electrical and gravitational interactions .

if you have been on disclose to discuss one,two and three dimensions the skip this vid

now we add time 4 d, but there are two schools on 4d, one is time and one is space
so I will attribute time to 1d,2d,3d,4d,5d,6d, …ect.
we will call that 1dt,2dt.3dt… ect.

4d 4d. sphere in space

there are two theories here one states that the weight or gravitational field is constant
in our 3d.world and is a explanation for black hole physics. the other is that the weight or gravitational field is only impacted by the mass in our 3d reality.
this theory is the basis for Acubierrie designed propulsion

why these situations happen and what is going on and which or both theory’s are in play
is the next part of this propulsive exercise they are rooted in two electronic devices attached to a tesla coil

the first one is a Thyratron a switch for high voltage high current switches that can do so at frequencies
the Thyratron is a tube that turned on Tv sets and Radar dishes for 70+ years now
Thyratron - Wikipedia.
thyratrons are an A/C crowbar
igitrons are a D.C. crowbar
this is like taking a screw driver to start a solinoid that has failed on a starter and is not used here yet.

so we turned the power on, we need high frequency , no matter the oscillator source we need this amplifier to charge our plates with the power we have just turned on. a magnitron or a crystal oscillator its all the same but you have to chose a frequency for the rest

the second one is a magnetron
this guy needs a video it is brilliant and not intuitively understood

the third one is a Klystron

these are the components you must familiarize yourself when you learn high voltage, ultra high voltage and high current high voltage systems.

once you learn magnitrons you understand microwave reaction less rocket motors
you dont have a reactionless motor , your reaction is electronic in a 5th or 6th dimension
whos mass is constant and whos pinpoint expression in this universe is infinitesimal (ultra small) .

a electron stripped from the mass by plasma field is propelled and with that propulsion it carries unattached protons stripped of their electron by currie point under a plasma condition
just like a magnet, .

so the reactionless mass captures the potential kinetic push from a mass outside our timespace .

now that is a EmDrive - Wikipedia , not a reactionless drive, Reactionless drive - Wikipedia which to me is problematic.
but this reactionless drive is at the heart of the Alcubierre drive

at the heart of the Alcubierre drive is a circuit much like a Thyratron or a transwave tube (not discussed here . transverse waves explained - YouTube

these God level devices are at the heart of the Technology we hear about and deduce , this discussion explains the basics of foo fighters and spheres. it doesn’t touch undulating white blobs or spiritual power but it goes a very long way to introduce you to the physics that is being used in domestic home grown craft

then you need to learn about dielectric heating “History of Thermex-Thermatron | Thermex Thermatron” you will nearly have your tool bag full

radio waves, current switches, voltage current amplifiers ( stick a tesla coil here to ramp up the voltage to millions of volts) then heat a medium constrained in a capacitance array

then stack your capacitance array like your magnetron in a circular pack forcing a torsional field

easy fricking peazy


part two

flying aircraft without wings or with wings in a composite hybrid have a need to charge transverse fields of dielectric to emit those fields perpendicular to the capacitive plates
this gives a buoyancy but is not in and of itself propulsive without a torsional field

let us look at t townsend browns Airlifter it has a foil perimeter and a high tension power line
the air acts as the dielectric its breaks down and arc’s predictably so a maximum voltage for the distance between the plates is computationally possible.

It is not rushing air that lifts device ( it does influence the floating characteristics both vertically and horizontally ) but the lifting force is the disconnection of the gravity coupling.

displacing the gravitational atheric inflow to center of gravity well the atheric process is much alot like rain, being gravitationally influenced in a pool of Aether becoming enmeshed in mass and its mechanical nature governing the balance of intra atomic mass and ejecting the excessive weight via a balanced interatomic polarity forces typically called the inner atomic weak force.

a lighter than air craft that operates by blocking the inrush of these exchanges of aether that continually happen and subject the mass in the lifter to the force of aether drift and into the gravity well.
all electromagnetic gravitational devices block or channel the inrush of energy that is invisible to us thru meta material ceramics or here in Townsend browns example thru brute electromagnetic force.

there is not alot too gravitational blocking or channeling, its a rather simple and to be honest its a old technology and the craft that use systems like this are very vulnerable and so the secrecy is paramount.

there are other types of hyperdimentional craft that do not use gravitational blocking. they use
hyperdimensional loading of what to you and i would appear like gravity in the inverse direction, non of this is propulsive yet, just the basics of floating

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pulse transmission and signal reception.
The fact that high permittivity materials are efficient
magnetic field storage devices suggests that they could
be used in place of the more traditional conductorbased radiofrequency (RF) coils, particularly for high
frequency applications. An example is shown in Figure
1(a). Alternatively, the incorporation of high dielectric
materials into a conventional RF probe (for example,
either by providing a dielectric liner to the coil, or by
filling the space between coil and shield) can significantly change the distribution of magnetic and electric
fields within the sample

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See where I think his warp drive is flawed he needs higher not lower feilds to tare thru space time in that manner but I could be wrong only way to know for sure is to build it t3b particle accelerator spinning mixture of metals that came from the vedas 3 times light speed

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Now, I like this subject. I like to go fast. And different ways to get there. Been thinking of some designs. Something to give to the people of the world and the future. Something like what I seen.

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ron remember the discussion of hyperdimensional loading

the nazi bell is one of those types of devices , its not displacing gravity and floating like a baloon , its shearing 4dt,5dt and 6dt space torsionally like the magnetron sets up a torsional field.
it is deforming space to lift by spinning two capacitively linked fluid beds of mercury mixed with a micro powdered rare earth ( question is which one) a rare earth that deforms space (like gravity) exceptionally , bismuth is also on that list. if I ever get to make a craft id call it the pemtomobile

our torsional field is disruptive to Inertial dimension
all of our mass had a 4d presence , that presence in 4d space causes resistance to motion and objects in motion continuing to move in spite of resistance. that is why the 4d video is so important to this and all other discussions to gravitationally lifted devices

the lifter never violates the 4d,5d 4d is the sphere 5d is a multiplicity of spheres but for the sake of this discussion we can reduce it to a fluid medium that the 4d sphere moves thru, its not so but it is a thought exercise that helps us wrap a brain around what that force dose to us and for us.

so lets stop and recap that for posterity 4 d space is where you see a sphere in 3d here that grows and shrinks but keeps it shape in this dimeson . same with a cube or what ever shape.
those objects are, they don’t pass thru 3d space like a sheet of paper .

5d objects don’t swim thru fluid space they extend into a space where they are anchored . lets look at a black hoe everything anchored in the mass is not coming back out except by hawking radiation theoretically , we live inside one of these spheres heaven universe earth all of it you can materialistically see the outer boundary is reflective.

so if we are anchored to the sphere of our existence it acts like our hyperdimensional sphere is weighted by a infinite number of spheres in 5d space, its 4d inertia in play the actuality is the 4d object is weighted or anchored by the whole of the sphere and internal displacement of the object in 5d demands that objects move every where in dimensions below and above to displace that movement, gravity is weak here. think of dimensional multiplication . we cant even lift a hand in the forth dimension without a bubble, 5th dimeson we are hardly a shmear.

our universe shields us from these forces, it is a section of a section as hyperdimensional people see it , and it is inflated like a balloon to reduce those forces. the more we look we are toilet bugs . living next to a drain that keeps us alive.

the Nazi Bell tied these physics into a pancake of dielectric between the counterrotating
capacitively locked here it is not gravity exclusion (3d) nor 4d hyperdimentional exclusion directly
This bell was tied into the 5d space it was shielded from by nature, if one broke lose it would head strait for the sphere of universe until bearings fail, suns and planets have no bearings they fly away from center of inflation at a slower speed in a torsional path not strait into the bubble wall like the nazi bell.

as a aside it seems there is a magnetic polarity to the universe inferred from the microwave back ground colorized image

which means 4d and 5d has polarization as a basic assumption

From what I heard the bell was 1st electron vortex engine with no pilot or. Device like you discribed I know some of them disappeared never to reapper

67 seven disappeared killed by a despicable Nazi name Hans Kammler

Kammler ends up working to build rocketdyne facility at Santa Susanna.

alleged bell to have turned up as Acorn device but no solid connective tissue

possibility acorn was modeled after or propelled like nazi bell

I’ve thought of the idea of the nazis being successful with the bell and can only come to that if they did we would be speaking German. They were exploring something they would never come to figure out how it works.

I think it’ll take a lot computational power to make a craft levitate. Like today’s quantum computer the size of the world. Will need to be figured out because it’s pretty important to make sure the humans inside of the craft doesn’t get killed because of g loads.

Humans I side the bubble have two advantages

They are disconnected from not only gravity but inirtia . No feeling of acceleration or decel.

Time may also be a factor. The craft may leverage time dialation in both directions

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