Pornhub Just Deleted Most of Its Content

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Superb! Porn has become absolutely disgusting. Not that I would know…


There must have been more illegal content on there. About a year ago there was an article about a hidden access to the sick stuff on there. Pedo Hunter and his 14 year old niece were on there about a month ago. The crack head actually posted it on there… apple not far from the tree there.

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Seems like Theyre jerkin everyone around.


I heard things were getting a little sticky…


Child porn, same thing happened to backpage

Little by little some parts of america are bouncing back.


There is an america being born, it will cover north america. I will walk the sinaloa grave yards giving last rites to this that embrace hells doors



Remember what Jesus said about children. Horrible will be the day when they have to face Jesus and see the faces of those they abused and raped and tortured and murdered standing there with him. There will be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. At that time they will all get what they deserve. It does not matter if they were homeless or President of the United States who they were will not help them one bit there…


I’m sure they consulted with Hillary on how to ‘wipe’ things clean…


You keep us under house arrest thats cool… But now your gonna get war if you start censoring my porn!
How about creating a section of porn hub that I no longer have 2 see chicks with d#$ks…How about that if Ive got Straight checked I dont wanna see some soyboy when I wanted to see A Real Female…How about fixing that first before you censor my porn.There are hard working men and women that make their cash from porn and you just fu&^ed alot of those people to just make some credit card company happy…F#$k That!Ever Heard of paypal ,or other payment methods,instead of caving to the corporations and hurting those who help you site grow and become what it is.

Oh! I wanna say “Thanks!” to all the Karens,
and Kens that made this possible… without you snowflakes the world might be able to have its own opinion.

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Wow we have a member who cherishes his porn. Someone tell him there are real women out there,unless they are like the east coast canadian who is so unattractive they could not get a woman with Soros check book.

They started cleaning because they found out Hunter Biden had his 14 year old niece on there having sex with her and they did not want to get charged with child porn. Now most likely they are wiping anything they even consider could be minors. Maybe they know it was minors and erasing the evidence. What I would have to ask is why would someone get so mad about removing child porn unless it was the child porn they were there for in the first place.

There were/are already rules and repercussions in place for anything of any kind of legally questionable material uploaded since the beginning. This was not about biden or kids. Im not sure what to make of it yet. Looks more like videos OF ALL KINDS purged for not paying its dues to the porn industry so far.

No actually it was about Hunter Biden and his neice that got the ball rolling. He was posting his sex and cocaine habits with her and had naked pics of her on there …

So why would they delete CHIT TONS of content that had no relation?

Legal move. It would be pretty obvious to just get one item would it not? But what if one shred of evidence gets trashed with tons of other non-related stuff?// You have to see it from the legal aspect .

I would agree…except the investigation was spearheaded by MasterCard and visa…someone wasnt getting a big enough piece of the pie. So all unverified user content was scrubbed…from aprox 13.5 million videos to 4.7 million.

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I know that Interpol was on them too for child porn. Evidently there are hidden ways to get to the bad stuff …or there was … There was in issue with child porn from the Phillipines as well. I think what we are seeing is them flushing 1000 gallons of water down the toilet to get a little bit of feces handled. I do not know though I do not watch porn. I am basing this on what I have read from several sources. I would also guess that is not the only porn site that has the same issues.