Portal? Or Rainbow?

Put this in nature cause it isnt anything other than a rainbow trying its damndest to shine lol

It may have heard the people are leaving burn out tracks on them now and was afraid to complete lol

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Quarantine force field


Lol, stupid covid

Right…that was an amazing video tho…dont see that every day.

its the dome, omg flat erf is true.
nah just kidding.
pretty cool though, cant say ive seen one of those before.
looks to me to be something to do with dawn/dusk type light conditions, has a kind of orange glow to it.
definitely unusual, for sure.
i want one.

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Legions of pride creatures will come through this rainbow portal. Better call the avengers!

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Thats no rainbow ive ever seen, and ive seen a triple rainbow and moon bows. Looks like the moon is crashing into earth.

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