Positive vibes only

Hello how is everyone. Good I hope.
Let’s get some positive vibes

Watch “Jay Sean x Sickick - Changing” on YouTube


Carry on brother!!!
Vibration, frequency, positive Energy.


Good vibrations to you too

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Not my kinda music but damn it must be cold in that studio… :heart_eyes:

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I bet you all need Double D batteries LMAO

Hows that for vibes :grinning::rofl:

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We are made of water. We feel and give vibrations.
Theres this special connection with frequency, vibration, and atoms

You see the design the waves from the water or salt on the paper creates? Now look at the bottom picture. Do you see in the square blocks, there are frequencies? The dots outline the design.


From 0:38-1:20 where the abductees felt like it was scary at first, but the music was felt and communication. Then he plays the notes and sounds and vibrations that communicated.

When he plays the notes I instantly got the scene from Close encounter of the 3rd kind.

:metal:t4:WE ROCK!!!:metal:t4:

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This is what I call Jersey music mixed with retro synth wave . Good energy. Nice . May we have playlist info please :sunglasses::alien::v:

Isn’t it amazing. Getting vibes just by looking lol. But I think your chakras are hanging a bit too low if you know what I means lol

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Ukrainian, i believe. Lovely lady I came across while enjoying mdma last year.
Miss Monique follow the video to YouTube, can sub to her channel. Normally puts out content regularly when not doing gigs.

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Mmmm mmm mmm…yes yes yes. That’s a vibe that you know dont lie. Mmm…when you get them hips moving, they don’t lie. Ah, the amazing feel of freedom, even in dancing. That’s salsa. That’s your sauce.
The rhythm of the drums, Congo, bongo the beat of the drums, the trumpets. Love it. Even if you arent spanish and you see people dancing, you still get to see happiness and want to dance too.
The words in this song are beautiful here also. About life. Not living in suffer when you can laugh and be happy. Why have hate in you, when you can have love in you. Why have negativity in your mind and soul, when you can have goodness a d positivity.
Thank you

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