Powerful magnitude 8.0 earthquake has hit off the coast of New Zealand

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Rather Late…

This Was Posted Five Hours Ago


I have a friend there that didn’t know until i asked if she was ok :joy: she looked at the news and said wow and it was a big one.


That’s Crazy…

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A lot of quakes lately



Check in when you can!


Wow :eyes:

That’s a big one!!!

East Europe active since yesterday…

Usgs lists them I started counting today’s but ran out of fingers and toes


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That is one more really bad news, is there any good news lately???

What about Eastern Europe? In 1977 on March 4th was a 7.8 that killed over 1400 in Romania…

Yes it is thank you kind sir.

All good down here thanks peeps for your concerns though :beers: such an awesome community here :relaxed:

We didn’t even feel the shake down where we live, but I heard it was felt in the upper north island. I was just going about my daily doing some roofing :joy:

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Good to hear mate, only heard this not long ago…radio :poop: itself so I’m a bit behind the times :beers:

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haha yea I was the same bro, slogging away at work and the missus txt me :joy: :beers:

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