Powerful magnitude 8.0 earthquake has hit off the coast of New Zealand

It’s gotta be over 10 for you guys to get the arvo off huh? :rofl:…all I heard was a tsunami alert had been cancelled…didn’t indo have some volcanic action not long ago?..the pacific rim might be gearing up to give us a pacific rim job :rofl: :beers:


yea I think its linked to the magnetic poles shifting myself, been doing a bit of research on it lately we had a few threads running too. Lots of volcanic activity, mt Etna was incredible imagine living under that! :joy:


Greece had few 6.1 and smaller ones in surrounding countries. Cyprus, Albania, Bosnia, Croatia…
Actually it’s rocking on and off for quite some time now this year…

You might be right mate, there seems to be an uptick across the board… :beers:

70+ globally over 4.5 in the last 24 hoirs

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