Pray for President Donald Trump


Welcome to our little abode. Pull up a chair and stay a while. I hope your post means that the hammer is about to fall. God bless America and our President.


Welcome to DTV Ms. Kitty… Yes, I will be praying for our President and more importantly, for our country… It is always good to see more Patriots joining this forum… Hope to see more postings from you…


Welcome to DTV!


New and glad to be here! I will be praying for President Trump. I’ve been utilizing every free speech platform that’s still available to gather info and meet fellow patriots. I’ve met so many wonderful people online as a result of all of this. When it’s all over and we’re free again, we’re going to have to start planning large events where we can continue to gather. Love you all! Stay strong!


Dtv is getting a lot of those Paler subs I see.

Bet the 6’s hair is standing up on the back of their necks.


Do you get paid for… Well, whatever it is you’re doing here?


Since you post this in politics, if I were a praying person I would pray for the country, not a president who has only contributed to destroying it.


Should be posted in spirituality.

I’m here for famous links.

Want them to create a new “Famous Link Hunter” badge for me.

Going for the record.

@silverfox is my competition for first.


Why are you posting The Lord’s Prayer in French in Politics?

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Can you say Garlic Powder in a French accent? :joy: :kissing_heart:

Not too worry. When the gestapo starts coming for us patriots you’ll have no competition…


Yeah… Whatever… Good luck with that.

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Thank you for joining in Ms. Gina… You will find a mixed group here… Many who wish the best for our country, our world and hold onto hope for our future… You will also find obstructionists and diehard naysayers with a lack of respect… Find the topics that interests you most and do not let the negatives get under your skin… There are some good people to be found here who may appreciate making some new friends… Some of us will be praying right along with you… :pray:


Notre poudre d’ail, qui etes aux chili…

Here we pray for Trump and real Catholics in the word !

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Welcome to DTV !

@GinafromTX "What kind of uniform is that on your avatar?

@SleepyJoe Who are you to determine where threads should go? I can see both your point of view and Ms. Kittys’.

I hope they create that badge to and you get it to validate your comments. Like the one above.

Show me the link for that in our member agreement please.