Predictive programming: Demolition Man

1993 movie, Demolition Man:

And now:

The Great Reset…


I just watched this movie last week. I thought it was appropriate timing.

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Did you like the airbags after the car wreck!


The protective foam?


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They had already introduced the idea of social distancing and No physical contact. Right down to sex. As it was deemed dirty. And to have a child you require a licence. The biggest thing they also highlighted was NO TOILET PAPER! but we never did find out who those 3 shells worked :joy:


i’ll take 2 large rat burgers please…burning this cess pool to the ground is hungry work :joy:

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How about a set of those rings for your head? My wife would probably still just tell me to go wear one ring myself.

Still, no one has explained how to use the sea shells.

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Maybe Sally, who sold them in the first place, can?

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Rob Schneider is a funny dude!

Had a reply notification from you but it’s gone.

Has anyone thought about how the 3 shells might work? Or even how they do work?

Meant to respond to Mark.

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Heres one for you. Have you ever seen the movie CLOUD ATLAS?

I think I started watching it once, but no, haven’t seen it all, and don’t remember it.

Mark, greetings. Have you ever seen the movie “CLOUD ATLAS”?

A lot of people say that, and I believe them too. It’s a hard one to cut into but if you get it, itll blow your mind. A little bit like Donny Darko. Got released and nobody had a clue. Went straight onto the sales bin at £1 or $2 at the time and all of a sudden, the penny had dropped, so to speak. When the realisations of this movie came out, it made more money after the cinema slots than it did when first premiered. This movie cloud atlas is something else. I’ve been known amongst others here to talk about it but I dont go ramming it down their throats. It had an all star cast, 2 hour n 51 minute long, like. This movie is on the same shelf as They Live, Soylent Green, 1984, demolition man, The mouse on the moon and many others


The mouse on the moon.

None ya’ll reading this have seen that movie have you.

@ReturnofTruthdefendR thanks for the chat mate.

Anyone else out there that is still here reading this hello to you and thankyou

You don’t know how to use the 3 shells?!