President of Italy Arrested (?)

According to Robert David Steele #UNRIG

In this video, Steel explains how the Italians worked with MI6 to affect the election process.
In the photo which has not been corroborated at this time, shows the President of Italy shown with Mike Pompeo who is present at the arrest.

Is this when the internet, credit cards, and phone systems go down?

I look forward to your responses.


I’m not too sure about Steele. He’s another one who’s provided hopeful information and it went no where.


Sounds to good to be true, don’t think it will happen this way. In the end its the people who have to finish this corruption, and I don’t mean by a lame siege of the capitol… But they have already succeeded in their devide and conquer mindf#cks, even a blind man can see that. So grab yourselfs some popcorn and enjoy the coming ride…


I am hoping for an Italian member to come forward and link us up to what if true is taking place.

A picture of Pompeo with the Italian Police and President is pretty compelling.

An Allay to our country (NATO) meddling in election proceedings. Treasonous

Including those within our country (Domestic) who’ve colluded, conspired and sold their country out.

Swalwell still on Intelligence committee How can that be?

Intelligence panel member sleeping with a known female spy for the Chinese Communist Party. How?


Did this President look like a complete idiot with hand behind his big floppy ear?

Won’t be long before this thread gets lou’ d


Do you really want me to answer to this or do you just want to delete the thread?..Because my answer its not going to be much different…

I did hear of some scuttle-butt rumors a while back with no valid collaboration… The rumor was that high ranking members of the Italian Government were having secret meetings with CCP… I can not say, it was true or not… If so, it might explain some of the ongoing investigations with foreign actors in our election process and why they are looking at Italy… We will have to wait and see if any real evidence points in that direction…


How can anyone with a rational mind entertain notions that the deepstate is going down when they are actually gaining more and more ground as the days go by. This hope porn is foolishness.



Do You have something to contribute?

Do you have information stating otherwise?

Easy By asking it in a question form.

Did the President of Italy get arrested? That is the question to entertain and research.

Don’t turn it into something else.


Are you talking about the president? are you sure? MAybe you mean the PM? Where is the picture showing the arrest? Is that the picture they show on the phone?
On that phone they show what seems to be Pompeo and 2 military officials behind with lots of stuff on their jackets…those are not operative police…those guys are decorative officials, they have no power beside standing and looking good, they are used for official meetings and decoration as i said.
Also on that picture…there is no Mattarella nor Conte.

I can tell you for sure that Pompeo 4 months ago when he was in Italy never met with the president…as i said, you can delete the thread…

Thank You for you input.

What do you know about the current events of Italy as opposed to 4 months ago?
I am merely asking he question if what is said in this video is correct.

Thank You Again, for your Opinion. Let mw know if there is any media regarding this please from your location in the future. Either it’s B.S. or something big is going to happen
in the very near future.

You know there are other video reporting of a Vatican/Italian link using the Leonardo system to directly effect the previous US Election.

So, my question remains except for Loudon opine. Has the President of Italy been arrested?

Ok, the president in Italy, Sergio Mattarella, was not arrested and will never be arrested. He has fought Mafia all his life, his brother was killed by the Mafia and he has really not much power beside accepting a government.
The person with power that would make your post a little more credible is the PM, Giuseppe Conte.

I can confirm you that Prime Minister Conte has not been arrested, i can confirm you that in Italy nobody ever heard about this and if they did they would laugh hard.

Now…about the Leonardo story…i debunked that already few times.
Here is a link (in English) that has very little evidence but that should be enough to make you understand

Otherwise if you want more details there is this but its in Italian and you would need to translate it.

If you are thinking (like another user here) that the articles seem from a tabloid or something not reliable its because nobody covered this ridiculous story and the second link (Butac) is an independent site specialised in debunking…

In the end battle the dragon and the antichrist will be working hand in hand to destroy Israel. Dragon is China.

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“The way it’s shaping up now, that the U.S. elections were changed, the results were changed in 5 or 6 key states, all those voting machines were hooked up to the internet. The internet was then used to download the information to those famous servers in Germany.”

Video unavailable.

watching it right now.

What if that member is a sock puppet housed in England and has no more clue than we do?