Probable Scenario... Everybody Knows

If this virologist is right about the vax then things will definitely escalate quickly once the narrative is locked. When (or if) the vaccinated masses find out that they’ve been duped they will riot like never before! They will have nothing to lose in their eyes, and it will be no holds barred, complete chaos! Against you & me.

IMO the whole shamdemic is a masterfully planned and executed campaign of divide and conquer, with world takeover the goal. So whether the people really will die from the vaccine or if they only believe that they will die - the result will be the same. Once the street believes it, then for all intents and purposes it will be real. No doubt about it, they will engage hard.


Another thing to consider, you know in the whole “we gonna have division and chaotic bloodshed work”… The chimp dna thing might create another battalion. Now I don’t know if it’ll de-evolve people (if any of that bs is even real) or simply change behavior. But if you start seeing brow ridges, cranial crests or people starting to fling feces, you’ll know that it is on.

A last (or not) deranged aspect to consider is if they will be able to execute programs with injected nanotechnology (jab)? Maybe it turns out to be subscription based and people riot over the costs, or constant upgrades? Or maybe they’ll simply download the payloads when connected with wifi or bluetooth? But anyway you slice it it looks like they’ll be able to activate as many soldiers as they need, in most any area, on demand.

So the idea of using a bioweapon to get the dominoes failing is probably real. I hope not…

But don’t worry, the puppetmasters will be comfortable. They’ll be in their bunker cities watching the whole thing explode on tax-payer funded streetcams. They want to see the whole show you know. This mini-series will provide plenty of entertainment for them for months, as they drink the finest drinks and snort the finest powder. They’ll wager day & night and have plenty of prostitutes too. Don’t worry, they’ll be fine, until their bunkers become something else.

Ready Up!

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The un vaxxed are already been targeted by those riotous virtue signalling vaxxed. And if they do start dropping like flies after a can of Raid is sprayed on them and they riot. Although i dont think it will help. But we can all say “We tried to warn you all. But you just called us antivaxxers and covidiots” now someone replied in a post yesterday about mind control technology and how advanced it was now. Especially with the push of 5g. Did say that it would make a great post on its own. But could this injected nanotech be the catalyst? And the rapid 5g roll out be a key to unlock and control the masses🤔 in these ultra crazy time in which we are living anything could be possible.


10And the fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and its kingdom was plunged into darkness, and men began to gnaw their tongues in anguish 10And the fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and its kingdom was plunged into darkness, and men began to gnaw their tongues in anguish 11[and]) [curse][the][God]) [of]) [heaven for [their]) [pains]) [and sores;]) [yet]) [they did not repent] [of [their]) [deeds.

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Yep. And I think all this racism talk is so they’ll all know who to vent their aggression on. If the vaxxed get the notion they’re doomed, they’ll be looking for the unvaxxed. Many people here might say they won’t, but when that herd mentality kicks in, and the media keeps pouring gasoline…

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