Prodigy’s Letter's From Jail


idk. Sitting around in a jail cell mumbling words in rhyme and words that sounds alike just doesn’t enthuse me or entice me. I can’t relate to the lyrics nor care that much about anyone else’s trials and tribulations or drama or how they want me to see them as.

Never was a fan of rap music.

Just my opinion tho.


Seems like you did not attempt to read the letters, and that’s ok, I appreciate your comment.

Apologies my friend,It’s hard to be interested in certain people of that lifestyle.

Just read the letter, and after skimming thru, yeah…the beast is running rampant on those kinds of people.

I guess it’s the routine regurgitated gangster rapper stories that are like sandpaper across my eyeballs anymore.Sick to no end of it. Outdated and overdone music. Too many similar sheep in that lifestyle flock.

Too much killing of themselves. Too much ego. Too much violence.

No doubt the same ones behind all the media driven agendas are the same ones who promoted rap music in the 80’s and 90’s and sensationalized it $$$ sold it and used it to wash the people and over influence them to drive it to the point where it is now.

Using their own people against themselves…tsk tsk tsk


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I like pretty much any music.

I liked Jay Z. I also remember him singing…

“I said no to the Super Bowl: you need me, I don’t need you.”

Then a year later he’s signing deals with the NFL.

To me this is an outright example of a sell out who was mad the NFL wasn’t after him like others so it was cool to make fun of them and call them out. As soon as they open the wallets, he’s up Roger Goodell’s ass. Roger needed a famous black person who wouldn’t mind selling their soul to help the NFLs damaged race image. Not only did they know it would be easy to do, they purposely went to a black artist who said he didn’t need them just to make sure everyone knew if the NFL wanted him they would just take him. That wasn’t hard now was it?


I member Mob Deep, back when rap music used to be good and original.


Nice post! Thanks for sharing!

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Hegelian Dialectic Of Manipulation Of Political Resolution - Bill Cooper

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Some of the early rap artists were original and clever, these days its just awful to me,
really awful repetitive very much all the same unmusical unfriendly noise much like heavy metal or thrash metal your ear matures over time and grows out of it thats what usually happens.

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im a huge hip hop head. never seen this. thanks

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