Professor Rudolph Steiner prophesied The Internet in the 1920s and its terrible nature

I was working on putting together a thread about Professor Rudolph Steiner (one of the greatest esoteric teachers of the last century) and his many claims towards the near future, and found this article from an old Anthroposophical magazine where he is talking about his prediction for the future regarding what we now know as “The Internet”:

I know some of the language he uses may be too obscure or esoteric for many people, but he basically predicted the internet and AI, its ahrimanic nature.

Claiming humans “will have to unite
his life with these terrible mineral-plant like spider creatures.” (Something that is already happening today).

Rudolf Steiner also points to the fact that there
are certain occult circles which are well aware of
this approaching danger and who are intent on
advancing it by deliberately keeping this secret.

In conclusion, the aims of the above
mentioned occult circles not only relate to the
spiritual en-webbing of humanity but
ultimately in the endeavour to put the whole
undertaking into the service of “Sorat.”
Because the latter is primarily the opponent of
the Ego-principle within mankind the enwebbing of humanity through the artificial
intelligence that has come alive has to ultimately
lead to the loss of the Ego.


Stellar Post Oto…

None of This is For Our BetterMent

Even Tho That’s The Sell…

Total EnSlavement

Live Forever Trapped WithIn
The Internet of Things…

Separated From The Creator



@brendace There is an old sci-fi story called “I have no mouth and I must scream” about a dystopian future where an AI called “IAM” kills off everyone, except a few humans that he keeps trapped in a perpetual simulation where they are tortured forever. Which is similar to what Ellen Musk and his girlfriend believe, that when the AI takes over, it will want to torture anyone who tried to get in the way of its creation. Her song “we appreciate power” is actually about her worshipping the AI.

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There’s Been A Dozen Or So

Outer Limits Type Episodes

And Movies

Along These Lines…

Before That SciFi Books…

A Moralless Society
Is Doomed to Fail…

And One With No Morals
That is In Denial
Of It…Well…

@brendace the story I mentioned was written 5 years before The Outer Limits was conceived.

And what is the difference between “Satan” ruling over us or a moralless, emotionless AI?

I think TPBT think that they will create their own “god” using AI…

As a side-note, one of the last videos Poppy made just before she came out as a full fledged Satanist was “Time is Up”:

A song about transhumanism and how us regular humans are just cockroaches meant to be killed. She was doing a colab with Ellons Musk gf at the time… so they all have the same type of beleifs.

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Yep…and Yep…

One of My Tags…and I Don’t Think

I’ve Used it Yet Here…

…Same As It Ever Was…

Evil is Evil No Matter The Package

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Yes, transhumanism idea, improving humans by human-enhancement technology… making Borg Drones of us.

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