Proud Boys Neo -Nazis Get Their Asses Kicked And Run Out of Town By The Good

Yea so I thought I’d show the other side of the coin.

Go ole boys post here.

They don’t look too tough to me.

Shout out to the good people of Michigan for not allowing them to say “Ok” to each other in their town.


“Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war”

“In the future, there is only war”



:joy: have you learnd something and now using this rhetoric . :joy: oh dear. :joy:

I’m just surprised that they got ran outta town.

I thought they were organized… lol.

And they all weren’t bout that action.

I think it’s because they weren’t going against Antifa and BLM protestors.

A lot of them wanted no parts of these random Michigan locals.

Only posting this cause I find it amusing minorities are now white supremacists.
Low information people and their group think.

Bunch of uncle ruckus white supremacists out there…

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You have no idea.

There are a lot of them all over the nation.

It’s not that far fetched to have racist groups in different states that have no minorities.

Find me a minority in one of those dc videos that were in front of that church burning that BLM poster.

Your ideas have no idea. Lol.
Most blm are privileged white kids larping

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The number one thing fueling them is attention. I see that same guy everywhere.

Almost like he’s the poster boy for the pb.

Can the pb movement been hijacked like all other movements?

Or are they immune to outside influence?

I totally agree with you on that one.

But I also think all groups get hijacked by the opposition.

Jump down whatever group think hole you like.
I’ve no interest other then pointing out oxymorons

Correct. I am not sure about privileged. From what I saw they look like basement boys from lower middle class or just poor. If it was not for the 200 bucks a day they would be playing video games into their 30s and hoping mom and dad live forever so they never have to get a job.

Proud member of the 6

Still mad I debunked you?

I get it.

Now you gotta “get me back”

The black community hasnt benefitted from blm, nor has the ‘white supremacists’ community benefited from the proud boys…



Dropping gems.

You fail in many things heh

Wanna do a call back now huh

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Not even sure what your talking about. Call back?

Over my head.

I was just agreeing with you about how no one benefits from the chaos.

Maybe they get to leave their CPU’s and go left off some steam. :man_shrugging:t4:

Still doesn’t mean the pb denounce hate and racism.



:rofl: :rofl: :sweat_smile:

Go ahead say FAKE stuff to feel better about your yourself and your FAKE life.

How’s those fake feelings inside? LOLOLOL.

Thanks for watching and thanks for the post.

The look on the pb faces says it all of you ask me.

They did not have that same DC energy that’s for sure.

But yea you see what ever fits your narrative.

Fake ass kickings.


You fake your way thru life much ?

Not really.

Just showing everyone that the Pub Boys are not what they seem.

They look for Antifa but they for sure weren’t looking for these guys.

That’s a fact!!!