Radix the first layer protocol for Defi - decentralised finance

After the 2017/18 bull run and then flat line for a couple of years, crypto currencies and their use cases have matured. Tesla just pumped 1.5 billion into bitcoin itself. I think the stigma of it being ‘dirty drug money’ is fading. Boomers are looking now and the bull run has begun.

The market cap now stands at 1.4 trillion, up drastically from not long ago.

I am not a programmer and don’t understand the code at all, but I know when someone knows what they’re talking about. Enter RADIX - Currenty just sitting inside the top 200 coins with a small market cap of 100 million and a 15 cent price tag. Mainnet has not gone live yet, Q2 of this year and they’re also not yet in Binance. e-Radix (EXRD) live coin price, charts, markets & liquidity

What is different about RADIX? They post all their info on their site, it’s open source so bound to see copycats. But man the passion and the philosophy behind it fascinating. https://www.radixdlt.com/
Their CEO, talk about a face you can trust. I cannot fault this mob at all. Dan Hughes is a pure genius.

Well a TPS of now 1.4 million, which is a world record.
But they’re doing it completely differently to blockchain. It’s a horizontal architecture 7 years in the making and could be absolutely huge in the future.

Some info and vids, see YT, there’s not a lot. This is ground floor and Defi is never going anywhere.

Boxming covers it. Ivan on tech also covered it.

They ran the entire bitcoin history and did it in 15 mins!

But what I love is they award the devs for anything they write that gets used on the platform. It’s brilliant. I really think this will give Etherium a run for it’s money.

This is not financial advice, only invest what you’re willing to lose. But 15 cents, last week 7 or 8 cents, do the math. In 12 months time a top 50 coin could have a minimum of 4bn mc so top 10 coins could all be 10 billion or more. The market cap is not going down over all, it will have it’s dips, but I’m not even sure this is not just the new normal. Many will argue it’s a bubble and many are likely over valued but the ones that aren’t threatened as much are not currencies, but platforms for smart contracts and decentralised finance.

DYOR, but I think this one is the moon shot game changer myself.

Infinitely scalable whilst maintaining composability. Nobody has achieved this before because the platforms they built or built on where not quite right. And too hard to change after the fact, why ETH is having so much trouble with 2.0.

Full atomic composability with infinite scalability - that’s it. That’s the message to the world of DEFI.

Right from its conception, the goal for Radix was: Every single person, on every single device using a single protocol simultaneously.

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looks to be way to confusing for the layman
they need to dumb it down a few pegs so an idiot like me can understand what hell hes talking about
and i do mean really dumb it down BRO

It can be, but it takes a bit of time to understand how it works. not the code, but the idea and what they’re building and why. could be a real game changer.

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