Real reason Tech companies proceeded with censoring platforms. 3 HD's evidence on CCP VIRUS, BIDEN, HUNTER, HILLARY, OBAMA, Laptop multiple HD's

PLEASE wake up people! Decades of corruption by our “leaders” in government .They can’t stop this MAN! He’s our President and he’s exposing it all.

Donald Trump refuses to denounce QAnon and Savannah asks if he believes Democrats are Satan pedophile ring in the DEEPSTATE! start @12:45

Donald Trump has a ‘long record’ of condemning white supremacy

A+ Compilation of Trump Denouncing Racism for Everybody Who Asks Why He Doesn’t.

The perfect rebuttal to anyone you see on Facebook and Twitter that mindlessly and ignorantly says Trump does not condemn racism or white supremacy, yadda yadda, etc. Show this video to every race-baiting Trump hater out there. But most importantly show it to the independents who are confused about Trump and those intellectuals that have a sick case of confirmation bias and use selective reasoning to stay in denial.

The DNC and CCP will be wiped from the face of the earth by the time the dust settles as this is World War level shit.

Reporter Asks McEnany What Proof Trump Has That Biden Is a ‘Pedophile’

TUCKER: “This afternoon, we received nonpublic information that proves it was Hunter’s laptop. No one but Hunter could’ve known about or replicated this information. This is not a Russian hoax. We are not speculating.”

Biden’s LAWYER asked for the HARD DRIVE BACK!!!

The other drives have details of dirty deals between ChiComs and corrupt US pols/biz leaders. They supposedly sent the drives as a message to do whatever it takes to get rid of Trump. A sort of ‘we go down, you go down’ blackmail play.


Wray starting to peel like an onion!

China/D corruption coming to a theatre near you. 3 servers.
CHECK OUT who’s in the mirror! Dr. Li-Meng Yan .This is no photoshop, verified plus more pictures

Dr. Li-Meng Yan shows the evidence in her two reports that are not long and everyone can read, the coronavirus is manufactured and spread intentionally by the Chinese Communist Party.


It is Bannon and Miles Guo, who are in the last photo of the OP. These videos are from June when Bannon announced the New Federal State of China Declaration.
LOL Miles Guo

Meet Guo Wengui, Steve Bannon’s Chinese-exile friend

Four names, three birthdays, a billionaire lifestyle - and Steve Bannon on his yacht: How Chinese exile Guo Wengui rose from Communist poverty to center of mystery of how Hunter Biden’s laptop exploded into election scanttps://

For those that haven’t been following too closely.

Four names, three birthdays, a billionaire lifestyle - and Steve Bannon on his yacht: How Chinese exile Guo Wengui rose from Communist poverty to center of mystery of how Hunter Biden’s laptop exploded into election scandal

The Chinese on Twitter are going crazy!

These have been translated

“You can go to the US to intervene in the election and report”
“I am also worried that the hard drive door might be set by Guo Yao and Bannon for Trump! No matter how this matter develops, Trump had better stay away from this muddy water and continue to focus on his campaign.”
"President Xiguo is in jail, how are we going to celebrate? It is estimated that Zhu Wanli, Zhuang Liehong, Xino, bob Fu, and Doudou will cry

Dipping the pot is really a nightmare, everyone is looking forward to the nightmare to end soon"


We were being set up to become a communist country that would be ran by China if Biden had won the election. Hunter was the bait for the trap they set. He was provided all of his sexual and drug addictions when he was in China. They have more evidence on him than we do. It would have been used to entrap dementia Joe. Hunter sold America to the Chinese. But, he forgot to get our approval. Vote like your life depends on it everybody. Or start learning to speak Chinese.


All that work posting and one well two with ridiule comment. Dude take real mushrooms psillocibe- cubensis albino p envy are best for the mental flossing you need to come back to some form of coherent thought.

Awesome thanks for the post :+1:

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America was never Hunter’s to sell. The Biden’s have been relegated to their much deserved dirt-naps , both pedo-Joe and Hunter have been EXECUTED , …at GTIMO. The pedo-Joe that currently roams the Earth is a clone/s. As for China , being the establishment powers , Deep State and CFR’s beta testing ground for their NWO agenda , TECHNOCRACY and TRANSHUMANISM , IS A FAILED AND COLLAPSING totalitarian’s wet dream , that will never be more than biohazard on a filthy cum-rag. ALL of the parties mentioned are in their DEATH THROES , they are ALL being VANQUISHED ,…ENTIRELY.

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I hope you’re right, Mr. Dave… A we do need Justice and Accountability… Why would we need duplicates and clones to continue to run around and cause the same problems as the originals?.. If they are going to execute these scumbags, they should make it public and set some examples… So this never happens again… What we need is more transparency… Not more deception…

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As I said , these clones , doubles and posers apparently serve a purpose , there is a whole lot going on here , many more low-lifes lurk in the shadows that need to be exposed and revealed . This is geo-political multi-layered chess. The establishment powers , the Deep State have been manipulating society , causing wars, pestilence , misery and grief on HUMANITY for hundreds , if not thousands of years. This take-down of these inbred ,satanic , zionist evil demented sociopath low-lifes is monumental undertaking. So looking for proof , links and evidence for everything while things are in motion or fluid is really not going to happen during operations I would say. I am of the understanding that very shortly after the new year , 2021 , that much of what has been happening at the US Military Tribunals at GITMO will be revealed to the public , via analogue video, being the trials , confessions , sentencing and EXECUTIONS. This is my understanding.

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That you Hunter? Ridicule not ridiule? :joy: Did you spell things correctly on your laptop emails? :scream:

I hope you are right. Hard to believe there are two people as dumb as Joe Biden walking around. One was enough. :dizzy_face:

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