Real Rock Ain't Dead Yet

Greta Van Fleet
These Kids Will Rock
Yer Balls Off…


Lead Singer
Lead Guitar
Are Identical Twins
Older Bro is the Bassist

Outta Michigan



Red Rocks is my favorite concert venue here in CO! I work literally 3 miles from there!


Those kids are TALENTED!!! I love them.

Another GREAT newer band is Ghost. Of course their schtick is Satan Worshipping Illuminati Eyes Wide Shut Guys…but their music is like a modern love child between Black Sabbath, Rainbow and ACDC.

I’m jamming with one of their songs here. This is what grown men do at 2:30 in the morning…sober.

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Dude…I Can Dig It!

They Always Got Awesomeness
Playing There…

Yeah…Ive Jammed to Them

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Good to see you posting as Spock. Welcome home.

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I knew some Ghost when they were Ghost BC. If you like your music just a little out there, here is a band from Birmingham called Church of the Cosmic Skull.

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And… @sarge

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Thank You!

The Good Ole Days

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As long as it is in a real environment with real people…not like this new ab-normal from uk in the summer.

Real music lives…just not on lamestream tv/radio.


Yes…Theres SO Much
Incredible Music That’s
Not Commerical or Promoted

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Well they certainly look cool. Wish I was skinny enough to wear costumes like that. In my defense I’m around 100 years older than them.

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Saw Greta when they came here

Crappy venue, but still sounded amazing,
Cant wait to see them in a place designed for music

My newest fav band in the past 3 yrs

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Not to take away from the New Zep, (even Plant loves these guys)

A new band in Canada here very very similar in sound and all,
Only a 2 man band, called Crown Lands, check them up too, i bet you like👍🏻

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