Really in your face creme eggs

More and more of this Sodom and Gomorrah hype. Heterosexuals every where are hiding in the cupboard.

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That’s Just Absolutely



I am not hiding and I am think homosexuality is disgusting abhorrent behavior. This is why I watch no commercial TV whatsoever. My mind cannot be changed to eating dung if I see someone else eating it. I just do not want to see stuff that makes me want to vomit.

There is another item for me to blacklist and will not ever buy again. Thanks for this info OP


yuck, that is disgusting.
:nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:
that just goes down like a cold cup of sick.

I’ll trust the above members and will not look up the link… but I do appreciate your post.

And soon enough, which channels will this be on?, I can almost guarantee it will be on kids stations as well as adult.

Paddlefoot needs a Paddle and a Foot up her ass for posting this :nauseated_face: shet! :face_vomiting: its worse than seeing Nancy Pelosi speak