Representative speaks out about sex trafficking n reptilians

Finally beginning to openly talk about this more n more …

:pray: :beers:

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All this is mentioned in religious texts all around the world. The seed for reptilians isn’t conspiracy or new. Been around a long time…

Take note of the crocodile headed one :arrow_up:



@Monkey have. You seen legit videos of transforming i have its a trip actual beings who looked normal showed the transforming of before and after its quick but the long teeth get exposed eyes sink in lil more then the head morphs ita crazy

I’m surprised that news channel would even mention anything related to sex slaves.

Then again the clips main focus is ‘what he said she said’ and not the actual sex slave issues itself…this is the spokane and the surrounding areas mentality fo sho!!!

Have y’all been around here? Nothing but fake ass hipsters, wannabe hippies, farmers with their nose so high up in the air they make snobs look lame, and crack heads.

Not surprised one bit that little twat with the glasses would down play a damn thing.

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So what are you saying it is the basic West Coast liberal Shythole. Luckily i was there many years ago and only a few days. I have family in northern california and they relate to me in emails how awful that area has become.

Basically. California popped up in my mind as I was typing that, they pretty much fit that shoe too.

Years n’ years ago I realized there is no escaping crazy people. The only difference now is the authenticity as the crazy is still there. Fck at this point the crazy has reached an all new level.


You got that correct. I still believe there is something in the television that is rewiring people, a technology we are not aware of yet. I know when I started not watching any broadcast TV and no movies but just family programming and documentaries it just seemed I felt better overall in a short time. I believe for one thing it makes people falsely depressed.


I think you’re right. They even have mini screens at the gas stations to make sure you’re tunned in even on the go. It’s why they put it in cars once they realized how much time people spend commuting.

There’s something with the music too. Every department store has their own tracks they play 24/7. It’s in the grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and let’s not forget the elevators.

But they don’t play it in hospitals or the courts where people really need to concentrate and think…

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Hi OS,
Don’t suppose you have a link?

I see the deep state trying to discredit her without appearing to try to cover for human trafficking.
Notice how they always call everything a conspiracy theory and then when it proves true they claim it as exclusive news breakthrough.

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Try not watching tv at all. I don’t miss it. And I read a report from some scientist saying tv is actually physically harmful to the human body/mind. Don’t remember exactly but it’s not good for you! So my advice is to dry ice bomb all TV’s. Lol. I’m serious.

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Im more bad than the tv i watch,
If it wasnt for tv, i would have no choice but to show those whom i dislike immensely how much i dislike them.

And that, is not good.

I say we get a really large container and do the transmission dishes…

You sure bout that? I think people need to be more up front streight forward ummmm honest about whatever it is that’s on their mind. I try to tell it how it is. It’s being tactful can be the problem. That’s me though. Got to say I like your honesty. And I feel the same way at times (alot)(lol) about people who really suck. I think about dry ice bombing f–ktards just so I can get a laugh out of Danny. Yes the Danny here. Watch out for that guy. Lol!

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Say the word I’m down! I want it to be so intense that it scares us!!!

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Well, i like my bullchit tv lmao🤣

No worries brother

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That will take a lot of ice