Researchers developed a plasma-powered mini-plant that produces cheap fertilizer

Using only sunlight, water and air Dutch scientist managed to produce cheap fertilizer. Their apparatus will be affordable for African farmers that cannot pay for big industry products as about 60% of African farmers own less than one hectare of land and live in poverty.

An idea that will increase food production and feed folks, what do you think will happen soon with this praise worth idea and this new startup company? I’ll bet you it will disappear in next 1-3 years as it goes against the tribe agenda of reducing the earths population. Feeding folks is not their priority.


Wow Just WOW

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Needs to be on the shelf at every Ace Hardware.

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@brendace we like cheap (going Dutch :rofl:), getting something from nothing gets thought at universities here.

@MrNice what? Should be subsidized by the government and given to small food producers for free. Where is UN now to buy the full production capacity and distributing this where it’s most needed?

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Surprised Big Brother

Hasn’t Bought It Up

Buried the Patent

Made Even The Very Idea

Go Poof…


The idea is still fresh, the rats will be there as soon as they smell this.


awesome post

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wonder how long before they start making cheaper and stronger explosives with this technology? :cry:


Or you can raise chickens and geese and do the same thing without electricity or government subsudsy .

Chicken n the Corn


I Luv Bushy 0ne String



The haber process compresses and heats air to 700 degrees to thermally catch nitrogen by “fixing it”

It is also using the outlet gas to preheat inlet air

Me too, did not know bushy. I would define it as "brushing one string "
He is simply amazing
My little daughter has found him so funny.
“when chicken in the corn, the corn can’t grow mama” she still singing…

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My Jamacian Son in Law

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