Revisit of fiction coming to life

This vid was partly fiction, but portrays the very real possible future.

Many of us have already seen it. So this is for those who havnt had the oppertunity.

I meant to add it to ealier post and got distracted so here ya go. :sunglasses:


this is been on before

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Yes it has, with new format, and new members I thought it prudent to make sure its here.

Lest we forget. :sunglasses:


Thank You…

Appropos Yes

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I missed that one, thanks for reposting.

Well now that youve seen…
Whats your thoughts?

Sorry mate I get distracted with those new massages that take me all over the place.

I think drones on microscopic level, they want access to cells, once in if they can mess with our Mitochondria they can mess with everything. Spraying the skies looks to me to be a part of it, vaccination too…end goal… compliant zombies. If you miss your tagging vaccine you’ll get the bigger drone from the video landing on your head.

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Yep Yep and Yep

Electric Eye
Artists … Judas Priest
Year Produced …1983

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