Rioter Seen Sitting At Nancy Pelosi's Desk Could Face Up To 10 Years In Prison!

It’s happening.

This guys life is ruined over entitlement.

So many people lives will be ruined over this failed coup.

But then they will blame someone else or point the finger to some other situation to try to justify what happened at the capitol.

Then they will call dems Nazis for rounding up everyone who is a extreme trump fan that entered the capitol.

Complain about how the cancel culture is gonna ruin everyone invoked in the attack.

Imagine if it was thousands of American Muslims that stormed the capitol???

Food for thought people.

Please stay on topic.

No whataboutism please it only proves my points.

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Wow just watched it again.

Listen to all of the charges they hit him with.

They are for sure throwing the book at everyone.

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Yeah poor guy doesn’t have legal teams and bail monies set aside by Kamala and what other Democrats did for others.


Yea maybe they should hit up that alt right fund.

They toss Mandy around for defense all the time.

Hey did all that money that was raised to build that wall get sent back to the people that got swindled?

Wasnt aware there was one? Did I miss pence or some other Republican announcement about such?
Well will see.

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Not sure any information on it?

At the same time you do realize you’re trying to bait people to argue even though you basically ask for people not to argue…(whataboutism)

If you were just posting an article for information you would have just posted the link and a small write up that didn’t pre-crime everyone into an argument that didn’t even happen yet.

“No whataboutism please it only proves my points.”

You just proved your own point.


I think you say so much more than you think you do Sleepy.


He’s too dumb to understand the glaring hypocrisy.


a term designed to trivialize liberal hypocrisy.


All they do is speak in code and forced doublespeak these says man. Do a search for the term whataboutism and you’ll see a marked increase over the last few days. Why? Well cuz their media told them to think that way.


And yet a few months back if he torched a mom and pop restaurant and even killed the owners in protest to George Floyd he would have walked.
The Capitol building belongs to Americans right? We built (built…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) it with taxpayer money.
The degree that this guy is getting fooked is crazy.
Is there not something wrong with this?


Whataboutism =

Your side set the precedent over the summer.


Here…look at Antifa…how organised they are…

…no…its just a protest, like in Portland…

First off, both parties Antifa and these rioters are wrong.

Second, the argument of they did it and didn’t get in trouble and that’s not fair, is childish.

That’s life and life ain’t fair, never will be.

Dude made a mistake and now has to pay. There are consequences to every decision we make as humans. We all mess up. It’s the ones who man up after messing up and accepts his responsibility who become successful. The ones that look to blame typically fail.

Yeah, outrageous citizen sitting at a desk paid for by the citizenry uninvited…a disgrace.

Almost as bad as having a vice-presidential candidate up to her neck with a company who owns, operates, programmes and has access to electronic, connected voting machines…or a presidential candidate who has a son who regularly engages in illegal drug use, illegal prostitution and deals routinely with a communist country which is in direct conflict, ideologically and financially, with the USA itself…nah, you’re right, sitting at a desk bought and paid for with his own taxes is MUCH worse, ought to string him up eh?



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its very obvious to anyone standing where I am, your government is attempting over reach there just like it did here in NZ when they came for our guns last year.

The reason they do this is to poke and prod the bear as such in a hope it will stir up so they can kill it. Be very careful, dangerous times ahead for humanity that’s for sure, left and right if you are not bourgeois you are all in the firing line