Rise of the Communazi: Ocasio-Cortez Says Congress Will Look into Initiatives to “Rein In Media” and "Unapproved Press Reports"

On Tuesday Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called on Congress to rein in unapproved domestic publishers.

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What these idiots do not realize is, they are going to “martyr” Trump by this second impeachment attempt and send us “underground” by trying to stifle our freedom of speech…everyone will end up on gab, the chans or something new that becomes available…they will regret this.

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Ask Wm. r. Hurst if controlling all news media is effective. If he did not like you you were done. Freedom of the press is history.

The other thing is that they didn’t want to raise a “ruckus” about potential election fraud because they were concerned about the unrest with antifa and BLM … but even though they are acutely aware of people that are unhappy about the election, etc. and aren’t afraid to make their feelings (and opinions) known, they don’t seem to be too concerned about it.
70 something million people…

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Can you say “censorship” ?

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Gab could be a trap - Corral all people who not only support Trump, but have conservative beliefs.
Now get rid of a few others, like dtv and bitchute…

Freedom of the press has been dead for years. They are only free to say what George Soros and the Rothschilds tell them to say.

The ultimate offensive idea to the one world agenda,
And the Elitists plans.

We all know what happens next.