Rittenhouse Will Be Cleared and Most Likely Sue When All is Said and Done

The man who fired the opening shot which caused Rittenhouse to turn around just as Rosenbaum was on top of him, has been charged for the shot. This action by prosecutors will almost assuredly aid Rittenhouse in what is an obvious self defense situation. Rittenhouse was also cleared of the weapons charges because the rifle he used was given to him by someone within the state of Wisconsin. My guess is that during the opening of the trial, prosecutors will either drop all murder charges in hopes to get some sort of plea from Kyle, or they will lose at trial. Regardless of your politics Americans, if they can take away your right to self defense, you have no rights.


This is Great News

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Just like Nick Sandman
He will be a very wealthy teen soon.
Right now Joe Biden is being sued by him for defamation in his
campaign ads.
And the left will riot again when he is exonerated.

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What i dont get is this…

Why did he bring a gun with him to begin with?

If he didnt intend to go about stirring up poop, why bring the gun?

I am not saying the attackers are innocent, bit i am also saying he isnt 100% innocent either!

Yes, yes, i get the fact that at the time, you want to make a statement , and gotta do what ya gotta do,

You know there will be bad people about, but carrying is sure to have heads turn your way yes??

Its a f’kd up crazy world we live in,
Has always been.

Im just giving a opinion, Not looking for a arguement.

Nuff said

He was in Kenosha for the summer working as an Lifeguard at the Local Pool.
He has friends with a store that was near a “Peaceful Protest”
He was given the rifle to help protect the store from BurnLootMurder.
He was not the original shooter…He was running away from them and He was shot at…AND then he fell down from the attack and then DEFENDED himself.
The original shooter now has been charged.
Rittenhouse will be exonerated. He did nothing wrong but defend himself.
No Argument there…


He is not a criminal for being armed.
Do you live in the uk? Because Americans strap up to take a piss


No. Carrying and defending your life and property are God given rights enshrined in the Constitution. He had every right to be there, and armed, unless Wisconsin has a specific law against minors possessing rifles. Turning heads is why he should have been armed. You do not get to assault people because you are offended by them. More people need to have the head that this kid has.


Thank You…

I Live in Open Carry Georgia

Don’t Take Our 2nd Amendment

For Granted…

Very Common To See People Packing

Thanks all for the input,
Just trying to understand what happened there is all, cause i dont believe msm

Like i said before, and will continue to my last breath

Its just sad it happens at all, To ANYONE

And for the record, what i mean by happens at all, is reference to
Anything f’n stupid that pits man vs man, woman vs woman
etc etc…

Im going to go smoke a joint now…

Puff puff pass…

Cmon guys…it’s not gonna come out that easy(if they had any class they’d accept and move on.)I’m sure they need to stock up so…board up the windows :roll_eyes:…ya know​:thinking:they bitch about mrs butters worth idea but…they don’t bitch that the bottle is still brown​:flushed:

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I wish we could open carry in Florida. The only way we are allowed to arm ourselves is with a conceal carry permit but it’s completely worth getting. You have to take a gun safety course and then send in your paperwork and money. I’ve had mine for years and just renewed it last month

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Oh That’s Great
Good For You

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I hope he gets rich and BLM has to pay every dime.

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BLM will just riot and steal to sell stuff to make money…i feel sorry for rittenhouse…he’ll have to be looking over his shoulder for awhile

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