Rock Band Plays Concert With Performers And Audience Sealed In Plastic Bubbles

In these unprecedented times, the whole world is changing. Nothing is the same, but many fear that these new ways of living are going to become the new norm. One industry in particular that has taken a hit during this pandemic and lockdown, is the music industry. Countless festivals and gigs have been canceled due to social distancing being an issue, but that all may change as a rock band has found a new and innovative way of getting around this.

Bubble Concert

The Flaming Lips, and iconic rock band, held a concert in Oklahoma City on Monday. How though? Well, to bypass local social distancing laws, everyone, including audience and performers, were sealed in their own plastic bubble. While it may seem unusual, especially during a rock concert, they are a creative way to hold a concert during the COVID-19 pandemic without putting everyone there in serious danger. This could very well become a regular sight at concerts all over the world.

Lead singer, Wayne Coyne, can be seen serenading a crowd of bubbled audience members who while attempt to dance at times, often seem confused and not sure what to make of the concert. The dilemma that everyone is in currently is what the future is for live music. Is this what future concerts will be? Everyone restricted to their own personal bubbles?


Of course, the one question on everyone’s mind is breathing. Eventually, the oxygen will run out in these sealed bubbles so how long can each concert last? The Flaming Lips suggest that the bubbles will be a good way of getting the live music industry back up and running as each one holds enough air to last for several hours. For bands such as The Flaming Lips, who manage to fill large venues, these bubbles are a good alternative to traditional concerts. However smaller bands and acts might struggle to afford such precautionary measures.

While these bubbles are a great, creative way of temporarily getting a much-needed injection of money into the live music industry, it only really works for larger, more well-known acts and performers. That said, it seems to work and while it may seem a bit odd at first, for both audience and performers, just like everything else - we’ll get used to it over time. It might even become the only way to see live music for a long time to come!



And Vile…

Humanity is Doomed


I dont know . Its a funny idea and might be working for concerts. people see everything without a mask . i dont know transhumanism was already there wirh the tv. Maybe your outrage is just a cultural thing aswell

lol kindof reminds me on this …

Instead of Demanding

Our Freedom and Liberty

Just Go Along to Get Along

No FN Thank You

i think people still will be reminded how normality still is .going to beD or having a shower without restrictions and what has to be utterly neccesary or not. The restrictions will still be seen as annoying and limiting to people. toO many open questions on how all this will end for me

I Agree…

As Dr Smith from Lost in Space would say.
Bubble headed Booby, the lot of them.

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That is so sad…

It looks to me like the lockdowns are affecting entertainers now can you imagine back in the 70s telling Gene Simmons that KISS had to play in a plastic bubble???

People are too complacent. Quit attending events and when the money dries up people will revolt

Yeppers… ditto

I’m no going to read too much into the bubble concert. The Flaming Lips have always been a bit off and not at all aligned with the mainstream crap so I’ll give them pass.

How do they pass a jurnt? Take a piss? Get a refill on their solo cup?

Anyone else notice the picture with the singer only in a bubble and free hands all over the f’n place that are not in a bubble??

Hmmmm sumpin stinks, and it aint the weed!!

I can hear the laughing of the “powers that ought not be” from here, as they introduce the next mind bogglingly stupid measure upon the increasingly stupid brain dead masses who gobble it up willingly so they can go to a dumb sports game or a have some semblance of normal.
It will be interesting to sit back and watch the madness unfold and to watch as people become self righteous because you aren’t wearing your mask, gloves, and bubble, and who knows what else. I am waiting for the mandatory buttplugs to keep the virus from entering the back door.

Or 3scape??

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I Stopped Concert Going

Because of The Outrageous Ticket Prices

And Not Wanting to Be Around
Thousands Of People and All Their Karma

Now Even More So
The Level of Stupid Zombism
Is Just…

I remember when goin to a concert was 40 bucks.

The level of unquenchable greed and lust for money is off the charts these days.

This is how they can get away with all this CV19 BS. They are paying off the doctors and the cops and everyone else that wants to to commit untold horrors to their fellow man for a fat paycheck.

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Yep Totally…

Used To Go To Concerts

Mid Seventies…15-20$

But why is the singer the only one 8n a bubble in the second picture?

It does not make sense!!