Ruad Wall-Pre Flood Ruin?

Why was it built? And WHEN?

Its Highly Compelling lol

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So are we thinking that the Phoenicians built it, or is it earlier? Nothing I looked at even addresses the building of such a massive mountain of rock.


“[The] King of Arwad … dwelt in the wide sea … [and] fixed his dwelling like a fish in immeasurable waters.”
—Ashurbanipal, King of Assyria

It a conundrum for the ages, makes ya go hmmmm

The decline of Egyptian power after Ramses II afforded the opportunity for Arvad to assume leadership over a hegemony in northern Phoenicia similar to that of Sidon in the south. The extent of Arvad’s influence on the mainland is indicated by Strabo who lists six cities over which Arvad exercised control. The Amarna Tablets record that Arvad supported the Amorites in their attacks upon Egyptian possessions in Syria (2).

Arvad was first made tributary to Assyria by Tiglath-pileser I. Mattan Baal king of Arvad is listed among the enemies defeated by Shalmaneser III at the battle of Qarqar (853 B.C.). About fourteen years later Shalmaneser forced the city to surrender and to pay tribute (ibid).

The hexagonal prism of Sennacherib lists Abdilihit of Arvad as one of three Phoenician kings from whom he received tribute in 701 B.C. In the Annals of Ashurbanipal it is stated that Yakinlu king of Arvad, in submitting to Assyria, sent his own daughter to Nineveh with a large tribute in the form of a dowry (circa 664 B.C.). During the years of Persian domination Arvad, Tyre and Sidon were permitted to form a federation with a common council in Tripoli. As one of the first cities of Phoenicia to surrender to Alexander the Great Arvad lent its formidable fleet to the conqueror for his attack upon Tyre (ibid).

Yeah it is, this ones interesting af…was it a preventative measure or to prevent a repeat?..when you look at some the sites and altitudes for me it suggests they couldn’t get high enough, which to me suggests, people experienced the or a cataclysmic event and headed for the hills…time of flood + time to dust off and regroup + alleged dates of civs like the Inca etc= pre/post constructions, just my thoughts here :beers:

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The blocks of stone are much older yes?


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Old AF Either Way

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It is interesting that , even as far back as these stones were carved, that we have yet to learn one important lesson from all this.

We cannot stop mother nature.
If indeed it was to try and stop a catastrophe.

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If it was Phoenician positively, you’d think we would have examples of similar size/technique/architecture elsewhere? In Tyre, or elsewhere in Lebanon and Syria. I know the mainstream says the Stone of the Pregnant Woman is Roman, but…


Sure is…an older than Gobekli find is what I want to see :beers:


There are alot of ruins that you have posted, as well as others, that very well may be as old if not older

The biggest problem proving it, is there is no definitive way of dating rock.

So most are shrugged off by saying they are not, simply because they are above ground and written words say the ruins were there before (name of civilizations) came upon them and repurposed them.


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I can only assume it was defensive in some way. The fact that there is so little of it left to either side of the structure could suggest that it was only partially started before abandonment. But the video suggests that it encircled the whole island. Stone blocks, each potentially a megalith in their own right? …

If it did encompass the island, whatever took out those walls and left so little trace was nothing short of biblical.


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It crazy to think, but maybe they just carted them away to be used elsewhere ?

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Maybe, actually … a stockpile? :thinking: … not a bad shout tbh.

Paeon: Where do you want these Megaliths Chief?

Boss Man: Up against the shore. That way if anyone trys to steal them they gotta take them right through town first.