Russian Ex-Military Intel Officer Explains the Coronavirus Pandemic and Population Control

It takes a Russian general to say what American generals should be saying.


Excellent post! A breath of fresh air too! I see it’s from Inessa’s channel, she does great translation work for sure. I’ve been subscribed to her for like 7 years on youtube.



Yeah pretty interesting interview, he’s not wrong. My first reaction is where did they dig up this old geezer? I find it ironic he says terrorism was first unleashed on humanity on 911. How about the Bolsheviks revolution by which I mean slaughter house or the Cold War, those too were terrorist attacks on humanity. Full out psychological warfare.

I’ll post some other interesting Russian vids you guys might be interesting. In some of them you can see the Russians know full well what the powers that be are doing to the west. They’ve been through it. They have a name for tptb they call it the grand predictor, a dramatic and yet effective nick name. After Ukraine they new full well America would be thrown into turmoil utilizing all the tactics and pressing all the psychological buttons the elites have specifically race and gender, actually to many in America it was also obvious. The looks on those guys faces was priceless, one of those not on my worst enemy’s would I wish this looks, cuz they know all too well what the grand predictor has in store for America.

I think the general is kind of a goofball but he is correct in his assessment in that only the west specifically America’s owners stands to profit from the plandemic, even at the cost of their own people. Americans aren’t a sleep at the wheel they are comatose!

Also let’s not forget that this plandemic was a drastic move, a knee jerk reaction, yes it was preplanned but they needed a trigger event, something caused the elites to go into full blown panic summer of 2019. Something scared the living day lights out of them, and Trump dropped the ball, Durham screwed the pooch, Q fizzled like the limp noodle psyop that it is. There is only one group responsible for all the horror unleashed in the world over the past 40 years, it called the US deep state and like Sauron they do not share power!

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Meanwhile American Generals like repeat offending Russophobe Ben Hodges are bending over backwards trying to do everything the can to provoke Russia into war.

America is the new Nazi Germany folks and it has been blatantly and obviously so for the past 20 years. The anti war movement was the best hope America had. Now you just have transgender unicorn utopia and a brain dead populace of cannon fodder totally incapable of realizing what is happening in front of their faces.

@Cipollino_3.0 & @ReturnofTruthdefendR
Its true usa is gone down the toilet and so has australia followed along without a second though as well.
People are so weak they are even on dtv defending a contrived pandemic that has all the hallmarks of another 9-11 but global in nature.
They are buying into the black/white race war the ptb are busy creating through highly complicit media platforms.

I think its far worse then nazi germany in fact, the end results will be far worse in future.

Every single thing about all htis is so satanic to the core, we even have clowns on here cliaming they worship satan as some good guy lol.
If they only really knew, not that i care at all its just funny how stupid gullible and ignorant society is now.

Funny but also very sad for the future and the children who are being innocently swept up into all this ideological satanic garbage in our faces 24-7.

Its a tough call just trying to preserve our own sanctity with all the depraved progressive lunacy in our faces 24-7.
Take care both you guys respect always brothers, stick together at least we are united
beyond countries and borders hehe,
stick that to the satanic monsters in control, luckily they will all burn soon enough as they should. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :+1:

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