SACRED REICH's Phil Rind Puts "Trump Cult" On Blast

This is what I don’t quite get of you metal heads and stoners on here is that being a fan or musician is being a rebel. That is what the confederate flag in Pantera’s usage meant to me. It wasn’t until after I read into the history of slavery and what the Conquistadors did to my ancestors. Coming to terms with the fact that we all have forced heritage by means of rape to the Spaniards. These are the reason I hate racism as well as cultural appropriation. I don’t affiliate myself with Dems . or Reps and distrust the government entirely. Why then are some of you stoners and ,metal heads affiliating with politics and racist organizations? Stoners it was not too long ago that we had to hide or usage and it wasn’t too long before that it was legal. Why are trusting in the same government that prosecuted us for a plant? I’m grateful I have my cannabis card to save me from prosecution and get some decent medicine but if politicians have there way it would be gone again. Just like the Documentary exposing the CIA’s involvement in smuggling cocaine into black neighborhoods and teaching them how to make crack. My question then is how can anyone trust our government after knowing this? Believing in either party to solve your problems or even care about you is a fools errand. Maybe the maga was some what right about storming the capital but to put your trust in just another rich capitalist only concerned with the material is also a fools errand. So my question is this do we abolish this system for a more just government for the people or do we just bide our time hoping things change. Violence is never the answer but I feel we are being divided by plot points that are manufactured for that very reason to divide. We are acting like the books is already written I don’t believe that and I hope enough of you don’t either. It is only a though you all stay safe and create your own plot it is afterall your story not theirs. Peace to all!

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Clown concept right there. Hard to even listen to your points when you obviously buy in to nonsense Red. Supporting the nation’s founding principles does not mean supporting the politicians. That’s the crux of it Red, we no longer follow our own founding principles. There has never been a more fair government than ours in the history of the world, so what do you suppose we replace it with, serious question? You like to act like you’re above the political fray, but I can tell by the words you type that your mind has been just as affected by nonstop media Trump hate as any other purple haired freak. Trump was merely a symptom of the decline of the United States. He offered a different vision than any other politician. Now that you’ve cheered on his destruction, what do you or those you support really have to offer? By using leftist idiot terms like cultural appropriation, I won’t hold my breath that you have anything valuable or logical to contribute. Even your idols in Rage sold out long ago…


" “If you can’t see the white supremacy that permeates this country I suggest you open your eyes and take a hard look. Read the book White Fragility. But if you dont see it, it’s probably because you don’t want to. Maybe you should go listen to One Nation.”"

Haha, these dudes are frickin clowns. Who gives a shit what someone who read White Fragility thinks. These dudes aren’t rebels, their literally mainstream sellouts. HAHA


What do Democratic Socialists believe?

Democratic socialism is a political philosophy supporting political democracy within a socially owned economy, with a particular emphasis on economic democracy, workplace democracy and workers’ self-management within a market socialist economy or some form of a decentralized planned socialist economy.

Yeah clown concepts come from those who have no clue of their history or plans for their future. Not me I have plans starting with getting rid of the central banking system and instead use something tangible instead of numbers on a computer. Power to the people not politicians and bankers. what say you?

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Right what have you done other than wearing your own self administered badge? Truth defender my azz your the freaking clown with no ideas of your own so you criticize others acting like that deserves anything but…meh!

My power will never be sourced from oppressing other people Red. The only way the Central Bank will ever be abolished, is if the whole world is ushered into one currency. Meaning, the Central Bank will be even more central than before. The rest of that socialist talk is meaningless to me. Workplace democracy, lol. Why do people who’ve never built anything, and work at the sole discretion of the business proprietor, think they get a say in the way things run? Socialism, to me, is simply greed and envy codafied into law, and subsequently then turned into mob rule. Fascinating to me that those people who’ve never worked for shit, seem to be the ones most willing to rob it from someone else under the pretenses of a fair society.

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Said the dude who just posted a band talking about the leftist racist book that is White Fragility, lol.

What who hasn’t worked for shit? People who never built anything really? My people built there own society and homes. The remnants of one of our societies still lies in the heights of chaco canyon and spoiler alert no one knows why they left. I assume the same will happen to this civilization if cynics like you stay in power. Have at it hoss none of it will affect us. We pretty much live of the land so barring cosmic or nuclear disaster well be fine. Will you?

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See this is the problem between us Red. You don’t get to have it both ways. You bitch and moan about America, pretending to be impartial because your loyalty lies with your people, yet then heap all sorts of abuse and castigation on us for still having hope in our nation. The types of mentalities and philosophies enshrined in those words you used a couple posts above, do not bode well for the nation. What you are basically asking for is that the same types of people running Twitter and Facebook and Youtube be allowed to govern the workplace of everyone. These people calling themselves Democratic Socialists are provably authoritarians, it’s in their frickin writings dude. And yes, as someone with multiple felonies and time spent in prison, who has now made a very nice life for myself, all on my own hardwork–and blessings from God–I am firmly opposed to the free handout authoritarians looking to upend society.

I’ve been to the land of some of your ancestors Red, and I admit, I was quite taken with it:


SACRED REICH :rofl: they absolutely suck music wise :joy: I only ever saw them as a support act, they could never headline a stadium

TD nailed it bro :beers:

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Probably authoritarians while we actually have one creating this mess now. Projecting your own short comings is all conservatives and the far right do. Twitter and facebook suck but they are private companies and have no need to provide you free speech. Yo I’m glad you got your life together but to act like you are the only who worked hard for that is a fallacy. Drugs and crime affect us all you can rise above it your own way but don’t fool yourself thinking tat is the only way. Maybe for you but everyone is different not special. To act like the shit show the Prez ran on the 5th is not worse my multitudes than my suggestion is another fallacy you are willing to embrace. Last I checked it was the orange twat tribe that tried ti overthrow our nation and are know being hunted and charged accordingly. 5 people dead pipe bombs planted and you want to tell me my words do not bode well for the nation? Well what the hell does that do for our nation exactly? The president, Lin wood and good ol ghoulish rudy as well as all the tribe involved in attacking the capital have blood on their hands, so how well does that division , disorder and violence bodes much worse than my words ever could. Just saying don’t be a hypocrite.

So because you think they sucked that means their opinion does too? So if hitler could play like dimebag or randy rhodes then his opinion of killing all but the perceived aryan race would then somehow be valid. I think they were ok kinda like nuclear assualt dan lilker was a awesome bass player like did in sod. I respect they stand behind their opinion and don’t care what anyone thinks. What’s funny is fans act like their opinion is the best try making your own music and maybe you may understand opinions are like a-holes we all have one.

Who is sacred reich?

Unfollow what

Just a metal band Otheizer, I thought that they were willing to lose fans for not apologizing for their opinion refreshing in this strange time of instagram influencers and youtube personalities who put their worth on followers or subs.

False and uniformed statement Red. There is no comparison between the left and Trump where authoritarianism is concerned. Me thinks you need look up the word son. Or, a quick comparison of blue states vs. red states and their pandemic response is also an eye opener.

Well, we’ll actually see about that oh leftwing propaganda spouter. The law is currently being abused by these companies and the lawsuits have just begun. A company operating in America ought be bound by American principles. Funny to me how out of one side of your mouth you act like you are for the people, and out of the other you cheer on corporate abuse. Lefties have no self-awareness.

My way required only me to get my head on straight and my act together. Your way requires abusing the real earners in the country and forcing handouts. Your way sucks donkey balls.

Show me where he had anything to do with it. No court in this nation would say his words were incitement, give us a break.

Even if everyone who entered the Capitol actually believed they were trying to overthrow the nation, you would have to be one special moron to think that too–especially without all the leftwing propaganda rags telling you. Think for yourself for a change man.

The rest of your words, as usual, simply just point you out as a bitter malcontent, willing to cheer on tyranny cuz you mad about the past. Your people will not be immune to anything bad that befalls the nation dude. You can brag and act like you’re autonomous, but it’s not true.

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Dude I’m done with your hypocracy. Think for your self while you spout right wing talking points like they are yours. First free speech.

[Bill of rights fake outrage]([Let's talk about Trump changing the story this week.... - YouTube ])

Sure viejo. What show me anything he had to do with it really? What about asking his followers to fight like hell or you won’t have a country anymoreand for saying he is walking with them to the capital then staying in a tent with his worthless kids all smiling and dancing to Gloria Estefan while his followers rioted killed two police and three trumpists ied in the process does that sound good to you? There were proud boys rioting wearing 6mwe shirts are you in alignment with their message?You know they think 6 million murdered innocent Jewish men, women and children were not enough, do you think that also I wonder?


weak ass attempted coup

I’m going back to jamming on something positive and angry hope the neighbors like the noise I’m making with my guitar unlike the noise you are writing right now. I honestly don’t see how anyone can align with neo-nazi punks but here we are.

Nazi punks fuk off

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This is what I meant. It was a post meant for nothing but trolling, because the OP is nothing but a troll and that is the best they can do

Coming from them I find their commentary a last ditched effort to connect with anyone who will buy their shit music. They haven’t been relevant since way back when they had a tiny bit of a following but as far as the classic thrash bands to me they always sucked anyways.

You ever notice that musicians are the biggest social and political flakes.

Screaming for others to reform and change while they sleep with 14-15 year old girls. ( And boys )

If the truth is trolling you are lost in the lie. Drowning in hate like every other wanna be Christian. Go back to ignoring or keep making a fool of yourself the choice is yours. By the way the last link is a punk song viejo. Dinosaur that you are I didn’t expect you to know it was music. Their words meaning the Dead Kennedy’s though I wish it were my song.