Sarge, Noentry, Rachel, McNice, & Danny just became our first Patrons! Thank you!

Thank you so much @Sarge, @Noentry, @rachelyates0811, @MrNice, and @Danny_28764 for helping us out in these dire times.

Very much appreciated :pray: :heart:

If you like to support us too, here is how:

Support us, become a Patron!

Lukas Site Admin


Your welcome glad I can finaly help DTV, a small thank you for all the years we have spent together.


Thanks again. Every contribution, no matter how small, helps us a lot in the current situation.

And good to see that the Patreon integration seems to work as intended.

Got the access code/link to the private DTV Discord voice chat in your Patreon account, too?


Not sure I will check.

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I can log in but when I try to connect to:

Access Discord roles from your creators.

It does not recognize my email address, I suppose it’s too early, I will give it a day and try again.

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Ok, please let me know. Want to make sure everything is working properly for the Patrons and the Discord chat.

Glad to be able to contribute! I’ll check on the discord thing but likely won’t use it much. I hated group voice chats even before i blew out my eardrums.


No probs. It’s just for the ones who like to connect via voice and as it is limited to the Supporters, it will probably be a small family. Would be nice though, if you can connect anyways.

If you don’t mind hearing huh and what every few seconds i might stop by :joy:



Discord access seems to work. Good, good.


Last thing I need is anyone hearing my East coast Canadian accent anyway eh.

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Hello am I back?
Ok I got a message to say I hit my 22 post for my first day and I would have to wait 22 hours, this seems to of been rectified.


Yes, thanks for letting us know. We increased the first-day number of allowed replies threshold for “new users” now. It’s to protect the community from spam, but as we’re on invite-only mode right now, a low number does not make a lot of sense.


How about a virtually unusable Cracker Barrel card?
[ and if so, how to get to you? ] :grinning:

Keep em coming folks! Dtv has been feeding us for years, it’s time to break bread.


No problem. I really enjoy this site and the community. I’m just glad to be able to help

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Mr. Lukas,
I made an attempt to donate as a Patron… I do not know if it was me or a glitch… I am not certain that it processed correctly… I made a second attempt… There was a message saying, I was already a Patron… Is there any way you can check on this?..

It did the same thing to me when I first signed up

Lord tundering Jesus bye, stay where you’re at so I can come where your to bye.