Satanic Super Soldiers

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And this tho I find the photo comparisons a bit reaching some of them are uncanny … why would they do that . clone them I mean ?

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this guy called it satanic supersoldiers first actualy and talked about this way about it.

"starhunters series " the divinity cluster saga also said it that the alien sended the one starseed back to bring the message “that the divinity cluster is evil and will wipeout humanity if not stoped” .

Wow and I thought all the nutjobs calling Trump the antichrist had been silenced and here comes another.

If Trump was the antichrist the Democrats would be following him and worshiping the ground he walks on half of them are satanists and can’t even talk about God directly if you notice.

Trump would also not be able to talk about God and quote the Bible constantly the one thing satan, and demons and satanists can’t do for more than a few minutes is read the bible or handle anyone talking about how great God or Jesus is.

Trump is not a saint but he’s not the antichrist either sheesh that’s just loony.

Hollywood, the entertainment industry in general and almost all of the music industry is run by satanists and people in cooperation for money or fame it’s not even a secret anymore if you are paying attention.

Wow, what a giant dump of boring useless crap.

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