SCARY VIDEO! MILLIONS Biblical Locust Plague Attacking all over the WORLD are HAPPENING NOW! 2020




WOW Insects doing what they’ve always done, therefore jesus


Sorry but this is misapplication of scripture. Read the whole scripture. People have be careful to to do what ignorant Mr Pie does on on purpose and that is to cherry pick on verse out of a teaching and lead it on a false teaching, even if its accidental

Read the whole thing and you will see we are talking about weapons of war and not insects eating crops and greenery . It specifies what they are there to do. This at the 5th trumpet blowing in Tribulation. We are still in the birth pain stage right now. The Dome of the Rock is still where the Temple will be and the Antichrist have not moved to the public view yet…


I think some of these clips are not from this year I remember seeing at least one of them previously. It’s fear porn is all it is. Why would a God of creation do harm among the poor that have been enslaved by the puppet masters and leave bill gates and friends untouched.

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Sure. Maybe you should go bunker down in your bunker and we will let you know when it’s all over.

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Well the bible describes its’ god as a bloody thirsty psycho serial killer, so I guess one shouldn’t be suprised .

Any being that would create jiggers doesn’t deserve any respect.
Lucky he’s imaginary eh ?

Well it’s because the idea or nature of God is distorted and taught to people that way. Remember the slave owners would beat and call the slave lower than them. They would be told they are worthless and say that the “white man’s version of god” was superior. They took the god of creation from my peoples and turned it into a god of destruction to keep the slaves belittled. I’m not religious person either but even I who is not religious knows this.

Was it your god that created jiggers ?

He described you and people like you as fools and ignorant so that part is true. He also said liars and children of Satan so He is 2 for 2 there Pie to the 23rd generation

A fool is someone that buys medical insurance from the bad bad big corps , when all they really need is an exorcist .

Still slinging your own poo then Thunderkitten

A fool is one who changes subjects in order to deflect from truth being busted all over him. So you prove yourself a fool with stupid questions as you have always done Mr Poo

I don’t get what you’re saying . Are you referring to blacks or jews ? Stop beating around bush it shows how cowardly you to hide your words. I can just imagine as well physically you are powerless.

And as ever you decended into ad hom when your fairytale is poked

I asked you if it was your god that created jiggers
Jiggers are a what not a who

**Jiggers (as not mentioned in the bibles, the creation of a compassionate god -----

GOD is vengeful. GOD will forsake you. Have fun. Heard the weathers nice where a lot of people are going.

Changing subjects by asking stupid irrelevant questions is how you try to derail a post. This post is about locust and prophecy and as usual with your lame stupid questions you try to turn it into a "existence of God"in obvious derailing. I will leave you to ponder “what if you are wrong” and that is it.

By the way we all know who you are , weak pathetic little failure at that too…

Are you implying there is no god behind plagues and prophesy ? or do oxymoronic statements serve you as intellectual devices ?

I am iimplying I cannot make your comprehension and I.Q more than it already is. You are a man with no arms in a sword fight.

Go babble somewhere else my point was made.

Your god is an imaginary friend, threatening people will not make him reply to you’re one way conversation.

Boo !

From someone operating within a fairy story that requires the lowering of IQ you’re simply not impressive Thunderkitten.