Schools Are Requiring Kindergarteners To Recite a 'Land Acknowledgment' That They 'Occupy' Stolen Land

Indeed, the “case” in Renton isn’t really a single case. It was an ongoing part of the so-called “education pedagogy” that saw the teacher, day after day, repeatedly drum the idea into the heads of the children, and force them to recite the claim that the land they’re living on was “stolen” from indigenous peoples.

Liberals don’t practice identity politics… they practice resentment politics.


There used to be a time when kids sang the pledge of allegiance everyday in school.


  1. loyalty or commitment of a subordinate to a superior or of an individual to a group or cause.
    “those wishing to receive citizenship must swear allegiance to the republic”*

I was going somewhere with that, but after looking at that definition I think it doesn’t matter what the kids are taught in school, it’s just a bunch of bllsht. Obviously it does matter cause in the bigger scheme of things their brainwashing that generation to turn into what in the future? We already have transgender libtards that can’t tell if they identify as a dust bunny or a snowflake and will burn everything in their way to convince you their a fckn pansgender unicorn.

Like I keep telling the kid, it’s lies mixed with some truth, however it’s still the steps you need to take to get where you’re going.


Here I thought most of the land was purchased


“…they practice resentment politics.”

Well said.


We’re still trying to teach them to not śhit their pants at that age.

If we don’t teach them about history and the moments of slaughter and thievery at that age, why would you teach that?

You also can’t teach that without covering the meaning of the term to “Conquer.”

What happened to the time-worn concept that has been around since Old Testament days… wars are fought, land is taken by the victors?!

The American Indian(s) fought a war against a people who invaded and wanted their land.

They lost, we won. It’s been done throughout history!

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I don’t think that what’s being taught is right that being said,

There are all kinds of reprehensible things that have been done throughout history. The fact that something has been happening for a long time doesn’t make it acceptable

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Read the Old Testament and get back to me. Then if you still disagree with God’s approach to this, we can differ in our opinion and just agree to disagree. :pray:

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Not looking for an argument and respect your opinion on the matter. Have a good day

You as well! :peace_symbol:

YouTube will always CENSORSHIP ME every time I would bring up the Subject “Reparations for the Native American”… So called Indians comes first before reparations for the BLACK survivors of ancestry slaves.

Because there is no current day “Blacks slaves in America” … Just in the show Black-ish… They promoted so much hate against President Trump … talk about the most racist show on television.

We quit watching it because they were so racist against President Trump!

Well,it’s no longer “America first” and it being about “all races and all of us”

But with this topic…it seems to me…this overwhelming “Black first” attitude makes me ill. No wonder they call “nazi” because they actually operating from the same platform…yooouuu guys knoooow. That whole hitler ideology of “me and my race” …same garbage.

Honestly, I feel the “attitude” is …Red lives don’t matter as much as black lives…see their “black slavery” is more important than the “slaughtering” of Native American tribes before they even came over here

🤷🏼 Sorry about your luck.

Maybe the black race can have a race war with the native Americans over “white money earning tax slaves ” ownership now?

Selfish greedy “all about me” sh*t world.

It might just be that I’m tired but I couldn’t help but think that that might be the most accurate statement on this site

Ask yourselves what fruit will this bring?
Like the false narratives so many still feed.
Complaints fall on deaf ears as they continue the TV.

Some have cast away the dogmas of hatespeach,
Yet buy into the delusion that public forums are the cure for the disease.

The louder one becomes with bringing up the past
The harder MSM pushes to repress their a**.

I know a lion that prowls both here, and there…
Finding lost sheep like the children pictured above
So many indocterinated, and not even aware
Racism, bigotry, identity, new trends taught therof.

This is a rehersal for bigger plans to come.
Wait till your children are claiming you are a threat
Though you only wanted a loving home.

I’m trying to understand your message “Imagine That” !

Your triggered as far as I can understand… Let’s focus on the subject and let’s break it down.
Im not a High School instructor but for the Military!

My granddaughter always texting me the same way and I have to call her to hear it in my ear and head towards a breakdown of what’s the main objective to her anger!

Sounds like you’re pissed off at all of us who commented on the subject!