Scientist admit to being able to invade peoples dreams

I have been complaining about controlled and weaponized dreams that are digging around in my head for years. Essentially what they are doing is interrogating target individuals in their dreams by gauging their reactions to carefully selected stimuli, themes and situations. So before engaging a target individual they will test their tactics out in their dreams, feeling them out before running a psyop or making contact.

How long has this tech which is now being admitted to by scientist been in use? As always behind the scenes they are years, decades, centuries ahead of mainstream society. How badly are we being abused and our mental sovereignty and human rights being violated? Mind control is soul rape, soul murder if its bad enough. Beyond anything most can even imagine, and its here. I fear a project blue beam psyop is around the corner, people will be helpless against it. All you rapture believing folks, they can do that to you and you wont know any different. Here is a question to ask you self… would the looney tune satanic left do this? They already are!

When the time is right I will happily testify against all those who abused this technology especially those who did it under cover from the government. What hope for justice do victims have against the next level crimes of their own and foreign governments?

Pay attention to your dreams, record them upon waking, I do.


Interesting that they’ve finally documented communication. I was reading on this about 6 or 7 years ago but at the time it was all hypothetical. They fully expected to be able to communicate, view and implant dreams in the years to come. Looks like that time is quickly approaching. If I’m not mistaken theoretical physicist Michio Kaku was also talking about this years ago.

I totally agree regarding tech and science being much further along in various black projects. Of course there will always be something sinister done with it from the shadows.


Smoking so much weed, I don’t really tend to dream or at least recall them anymore…so I’m sure any dream programming won’t work on me lol but it sure is scary that you’re not even safe from this invasive type of mind control when you’re sleeping!


Here is the thing, I consume my fair share of cannabis. I stopped for ten years and only recently started back up again. I hardly had any dreams while not smoking for ten years. I am being bombarded very systematically right now. They give me a break for 1-2 days without dreams then hit me again. They peaked at about 8 dreams a night, that was nuts.


That’s nuts! Do you recall them all and make notes on each one then?

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Yeah as soon as I wake I reach for a recording device, before they fade away. I also analyse the psychological value and angle of every dream, it is basically dream interogation. I will often wake to an already active mind digging around in my memories, maping me out.

A few years ago I started surfing the net in my dreams as if there is a monitor in my mind and I am scrolling on Google (this doesnt happen anymore). I have no interest in doing so and it happens against my will, without my consent.

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That’s got to be very tiring for you buddy, not to mention extremely worrying!

Have you tired using some Faraday shielding or cage when you sleep, to see if that helps?

I’d be freaking the F out, if I started doing stuff at night without my consent!!

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Thats the point to drive me crazy. The powers that be have been controlling and messing with my life since I was a wee lad. I document everything I can. No faraday. Live in Massachusetts in the middle of deep state spook central. Next door 40 ft away, a house once inhabited by a CIA surveillance specialist who specialized in Russia, I am Russian. Once an asset always an asset, the new neighbor (a Intel employee who’s co-worker played a central role in my mind control attack) was carefully picked out according to my psychological makeup warns me about the new neighbors int he woods with interesting technology. The local community and secret society network is weaponized to the max. I cannot walk around my house or leave my house without being stalked and notified that my every movement is surveilled. Every aspect of my life is controlled and weaponized against me. After I went public they released the plandemic and said you are not screaming loud enough pal. The Q psyop is designed to get me to go public and lead the way, Where we go one we go all - hmmm. Guess who that one is? Well guess what? I went and what did Q say… keep going buddy, you can do it pal, we got yer back chief, its all you boss. You’re not screaming loud enough! That is the true moral depravity and evil of our deep state!

Its all so obvious it is pathetic. The plan was I would focus on the blatant mind control attack of 2016 and after and blame just the leftist fall men who carried out the attack. They never thought I would see the whole thing and blow the whistle on all of them going back 30 years!

Yes it is maddening, they inoculated me against trauma with a massive psychedelic overdose. After ego death a government sponsored terror campaign and mind control torture is a bit more tolerable. Naturally when leftist hysterics start crying about human rights abuses I roll my eyes. Not to mention I know full well whats really being done to them and by whom.

Cannabis can be a useful tool for mind control, but it can also be used against the target. Its complicated, same goes for psychedelics. If the government plans to torture and patsy a target individual it can be in their best interests to have the target undergo a horrifying bad trip, thereby making the torture they have planted look like small potatoes. The treachery of our governments and elites are beyond the worst nightmares of most. All those scifi films are first off all nothing compared to what they are actually getting away with and also serve as plausible deniability to cover for their crimes.

The fact that the leftists riots avoided the CIA and FBI speak volumes about their true nature and allegiance. The reason why the establishment is in such panic is because it is up to its eye balls in these next level heinous crimes, and they know full well that if this ever went viral it would be the end for them.

Frankly their actions speak for themselves for thinking individuals. Why all of the sudden is their a blatant pandemic, and weaponization of race and gender hysteria, seemingly out of nowhere? Why now? why such obvious desperation and panic? because their dirtiest secrets are being exposed secrets they thought would never see the light of day. People don’t ask these questions, the ability to think critically really has been destroyed, many children and young adults can no longer do it. Recall yes, analysis no way no how, a society of multiple choice thinkers!

The true crisis of our time is mind control not gender pronoun adherence. Dealing with this crisis will mean holding accountable all those in the establishment who took part in these crimes, all those who acquiesced and all those who looked the other way while next level evil was done to the innocent. This will mean restructuring our society as we know it. This will mean finally recognizing and punishing psychological criminality of our toxic and psychopathic society. As Michio Kaku echoes the Kardashev scale this will ultimately lead to us upgrading to a type 1 civilization.

Though crime is already here. They need this, they need to be the heroes in all this, they need to play the role as the nights in shining armor. Cry bully predatory tactics in the most vile form imaginable. They need the target to engage them. Entrapment!


Interesting read, thanks for the share… :+1:

Reminds me of the dream ads in Futurama

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I was like this when I was younger but as I grew older and developed a rather large tolerance to herb I started to recall my dreams quite a lot more vividly, in fact these days with the right strains and dabs I have started lucid dreaming, not often but it happens occasionally and I do stupid shit like jump of cliffs (all my lucid dreams are climbing related)

btw my wife talks to me when I sleep talk and she reckons has convos with me like I am awake :joy:


I mentioned something like this in a comment a few weeks ago that we are constantly surrounded by eletronic devices. I noticed that my cheap Chinese alarm clock sitting feet from my head for hours at a time emits a very high pitch sound thats just barely audible. All these eletronic devices could be using sound to screw with our heads. I almost believe yhat when im in the woods camping with out any eletronic devices anywhere near me im more relaxed…free of stress…and sleep wonderfully. Idk

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Good point with the ear ringing. Many people are starting to notice it. I get it a lot, it comes and it goes. Lots of different types of ringing too…

The over all general electrical hum I get bad especially with extension cords. I shut almost everything off when I sleep, still it comes. When I was being hit hard I swear I could feel when the WiFi was on. Then I get the ear ringing as if they turn my ear off and then an intense ear ringing ensues, often coordinated to wrong think. Establishment shills and idealistic liberals you have no idea what you are turning a blind eye to! Some of you know and are okay with it, nazis in Germany ain’t got nothing in you! That type of ear ringing doesn’t last long, a minute or two max but very very jarring. I am not the only one they do this to many people in the truth community, and then some…

Then I get the wall and appliance cracks, creaks and attic spring twang that do not fit a logical explanation. One would think it’s natural contraction and expansion in a house. Nope can do. If there is one constant it is times of psyop pressure, wrong think and speaking truth to power. Winter, spring, summer, fall it doesn’t matter. Wireless house phones are bad news from what I understand, rotary dial baby!

The greatest crimes of our government not only go unpunished but also unnoticed and even more terrifyingly ignored. These next level crimes are society wide and most if not all big corporations are in on it. People know not to ask questions.

Hi Cips very interesting reading brother hope you are safe and well my only advice to you with much respect is do what i did and put the full armour of God on and pray to Jesus Christ for protection this is what i did one night and at the time i hated christianity and didnt believe in Jesus at all and it changed my life and gave me my life my dreams back and stopped the abductions that very night and never since.
In fact the protection effect was so instant and powerful the demons [aliens pffft] have only come back once to try and failed again.
They havent once since then though.
I hope you may listen to my advice but in no way am i pressuring you just relating my life story.
Please take care and thank you for sharing brother good luck im sorry this world is so full of real evil but we do have ways to protect ourselves as i mentioned and at the time it was the very last way i thought i would ever try thats for sure.
Good luck brother please take care.

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Thanks for the kind words. Yes Jesus helps, as inspiration and a guiding light.
I wear a cross and read prayers. However I I have a fair bit of skepticism when it comes to religion, it doesn’t have a good track record. Furthermore it is a most effective tool for control, and having had intelligence assets tell me to turn to religion and the occult doesn’t help. The psychology of hope surrounds us entirely, sadly hope is not something we can count on. Action is what matters, I have little choice but to continue on exposing them and what they do to me and my family. Though I did not ask for this role and have had it thrust on me against my will. They fear exposure most of all, and so we must expose them, flood them with the horrible truth of their crimes they are so eager to bury!

They don’t like it when I read prayers. Maybe because it works! There are lots of things going on behind the scenes that are next level stuff, that would seem to be above and beyond the abuse of classified and advanced technology against the unsuspecting victims. However when you get a taste for the true moral depravity of our society and abilities of the deep state, it becomes very clear that Jesus and hope are not really going to help where it matters. Exposing the filth is the only way we have of seeing a difference or a future for that matter. People don’t realize just how much is at stake and that all they really have to do is say enough is enough in unison! Some people pray and try to stay clean in a selfish attempt to save themselves, others roll up their sleeves grab a plunger and wade into the swamp. Jesus did just that with the money changers, is our world not our temple? Is it not our charge to rid ourselves from parasites and tyranny? Some people don’t have a choice but to face the destiny that has been thrust upon them.